Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dancing News

Going home tonight from Dancing with the Stars is Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough. I honestly think last weeks rant did not work in their favor. But they do make a cute couple.

And for Christain and Cheryl, the verdict is in...this from US Weekly (and was reported on the show):

On Monday's show, the Chilean soap star suffered a severe muscle cramp in his arm while performing the samba with partner Cheryl Burke.
With his arm in a brace, de la Fuente told host Tom Bergeron Tuesday that he had ruptured a tendon and will need to undergo surgery.
The good news, said de la Fuente: "I just talked to the doctor, and he said he can delay the surgery. If people vote for us, I would like to be here and not give up."
I am glad it isn't to terribly serious. I know I was harsh Tuesday night but I do not want to see anyone hurt. Be well.

Finally, Did anyone see Def Leppard?
That conjured up some memories!
Oh, my gosh! They were great! Awesome! Fantastic. If you had to go out tonight, this would be a high light.

And finally,....Fabian will be dancing with the dancers on next week's episode. After that he will come home for a week (Birmingham) and then return to the final episode of DWTS to preform once again with Marlee. A big party is in the works, details as I know.


Seized by Hope said...

I am loving the fact that you still have the ticket stub from Def Leppard!

We saw them several months ago, along with Stix and Journey....loved the concert, felt old.

"J" said...

I freaking L-O-V-E-D me some ROCKIN' Def Leppard!!!! OH MY GOSH they were great and they sang "MY" song....Pour Some Sugar On Me!!!! I was jammin' out and singing along!!! =) They ROCKED my flip flops right off my feet!!! Okay so that was me that ROCKED my flip flops right off my feet jamming out like a kid!!!!

THEY WERE GREAT!!! I also liked the dancers....boy were they getting down!!! =)

I think I'm going to Best Buy today to get the CD!!!! =)

"J" said...

PS - I was NEVER a BIG FAN of Shannon and Derek.....She is soooooooooooooo pretty but she just looks so goofy dancing...reminds me of what I would look like!!!

So I was like...oh well....they are out!!!!

That is REALLY COOL that Fabian gets to come back and dance!!! =)

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how many concerts you've been to. I've got a lot of work to do before I'm anywhere near that.

Oh and the skinny pic of you as a young mom is cute...pushing the mom jeans just a tad though...

Leigh said...

Seized by Hope- Oh, I bet that was a good concert!

J-I know ! They sounded great! You and I both! And I too was glad they left. It miffed me their attitude last week. I thought disrespectful to the other dancers.

Kathy-well come and go with me sometime. And re: mom jeans-ya think? Just a little ewww! A bit scary!

Michelle said...

I was SO MAD because it was not a live performance.. It was all done with a backing track a la Ashlee Simpson on SNL! Tyler was SO MAD.. We listen to Def Leppard pretty much every morning on the way to school.. He LOVES the drumbeat in Rock Of Ages and wants to learn it soon...He looked at me and said
"Geez, if I wanted to listen to THAT I would have just put on my Ipod and watched them!" LOL I think he takes after ME.. I was wanting to hear them NOW.. I wanted to see the drummer kick butt! Talk about an inspirational story!

Leigh said...

Then I guess Bama was correct in saying that is was lip sync. I couldnt tell. HOwveer I was talking to Freddy and telling him about seeing them sing on Ellen and they didnt sound to good, but it has been more than a few years.
ALl of the singers/bands on DWTS is a prerecorded gig (per Freddy) but I didn't know that the vocals were panamine? Will confirm. I rocked it anyway! It was great to see those guys! Ahhh, the glory days...

Michelle said...

Yeah..It was lip synched FO SHO.. You cant sound EXACTLY like the recording.. lol Like I said, we listen to Def Leppard pretty much everyday I drive Tyler to school.. :)

HEWY said...

That is uber cool that you still have that!

Keetha said...

I haven't been watching "Dancing" this time, but I'll just tell ya that the sports pundits are having a HAY DAY with Jason Taylor for DANCING on there instead of working out at home with the Dolphins to get ready for the next season. A HAY DAY I tell ya!!!

Adelle said...

I saw them on Ellen. I was so psyched up to hear them sing, and very disappointed in their performance. Oh well.
Happy T13!

Travis said...

It's too bad DL used pre-recorded music instead of rockin' it live. But I do like their new single and will probably pick up the CD.

I don't see how Cristian can continue with that injury.