Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol - David Cook - I'm Alive - Top 5

Tonight's American Idol category was Neil Diamond. Mr. "Cherry Cherry" proceeded over the kids giving pointers. The remaining five contestants were to pick 2 songs to preform...

Jason Castro-1. Forever in Blue Jeans- I would have thought that this genre would have been his knitch. However it was not. 2. September Sweet- The song was boring and it put me to sleep. Even worse than the first, if it were possible.

David Cook-1. I'm Alive-it still had a Neil sound to it. It was ok though. 2. All I Really Need is You- strong vocally. He did a great job on it. I think he could release it and do well with it.

Brooke White-1. I'm a Believer- I hated this when the Monkey's sang it. Even more so by Brooke. It was a poor song choice, she struggled vocally. Iam, I said- I really liked it. It is the best she has done in weeks.

David Archuletta-1. Sweet Caroline- I was not blown away. 2. Coming to America- all the judges liked it, but I am going to pull a Simon and say that I thought it was cheesy. I liken it to a July 4th performance at Six Flags Theme Park.

Syesha-1. Hello Again-It was broadwayesque to me ( I think I made up a new word).
2. Thank the Lord for the Night Time- I thanked the Lord it was over. Nah, really it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good either.

I am a bit disappointed with the past few weeks of Idol. I guess the kids are doing the best they can with the celeb judges songs they have. I really like Neil Diamond, but lets face it, only he can sing those. Otherwise it is a dated song. I think the only one to really break out from that tonight was David Cook's second song.

Based Solely on Tonight's Performances...
Top-David Cook
Bottom- it could be anyone after tonight, I am going to say Jason, followed closely by Brooke then Syesha.


Charnita's Xpressions said...

Ditto- again.
David Cook is my fav again.
I said the same thing to Emm- David A should have been wearing a mickey mouse costume singing at Disney.
HATED BROOKE'S Believer. Really was so bad it was comical.
Castro has to go and I have liked him- but he is the weakest link.....

The Troll said...

I'd be happy to see Brooke or Jason go. Neutral on Shequithalia.

I thought Cook's FIRST song was much better.

Uhmmmm, whatever drug Paula is currently taking must allow her to see the future. She reviewed Jason's bad second song before he sang it.