Sunday, March 2, 2008

Strawberry Fields Foreva'

It was this time of year that in my beloved home away from home, Sarasota Florida, the strawberry fields were full with bright red, plump berries. There was nothing sweeter than picking them off the vine or buying them from local farmers roadside and biting into one. It is also this time of year those berries begin showing up at the local markets, further north. It is the simple joys that I love, like a bowl of fresh picked strawberries. It is one of those little gifts of nature, wrapped up sweetness in a beautiful package. Yum!


Jessica said...

This post will send me to sleep tonight with dreams of Spring! : )

Mrs. Jules said...

Mmmm...I had the pleasure of sharing some picnic goodies with some friends this past weekend and we got to savor the juicy strawberries she brought along.