Sunday, March 2, 2008

Check out the Cahaba Met Hiking Trail

I tried out a new hiking trail yesterday. We went to the Cahaba Met Hiking Trail. It begins behind the Hoover Met/Regions Park in Hoover. While about a mile down the trail it "ends" (or so says a sign) you can still go about another mile beyond that point and the trail actually ends up at the baseball field at Hoover High School. The trail is one I would consider moderate. At the trails entrance by the MET you have to go down a steep hill (and back up on your way out). It might be difficult for young ones and certainly elder hikers. Once you get beyond that point the trail is an easy hike, very nice actually, as it follows little twist and turns, along the Cahaba River. We walked about 4 miles today. Judging by the buds on the trees, my hiking {in the woods} days are numbered (don't like ticks or snakes). The day was perfect for a hike. I was really excited at the end of the trail (behind the baseball field) to come upon a large swampy area, courtesy of beavers. There were a total of three very large dams and fresh cut trees along the banks, looking like sharpened pencils lying there. I looked and looked, hoping to see a beaver in action, but unfortunately I didn't get as lucky today. The area is a perfect spot for nature watching, and there are several wooden benches to get comfortable in doing so. There were many families out at the met today, in the parking lot, riding bikes, flying kites and operating large model airplanes. It seems that spring is in the air!

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