Friday, March 14, 2008

Sledge's New Grown up Do

Yesterday Sledge and I had a nice day together, just she and I. A little right of passage, we went and made some special purchases she has needed (think Sixteen Candles, when Molly Ringwald's grandparents come to visit...). Sledge's birthday is also around the corner. She had been asking for highlights in her hair. We were at the mall and walked by Regency Hair Salon, where they are having customer appreciation week. They were doing four foils for $25.00.
While there, Sledge and I discussed getting her hair cut. She desperately wants to wear it with a side swoop bang, but her hair line goes straight down in the front (Like her daddy) which only leaves it in her face. This drives me bonkers!!! BONKERS!!! We tangle up several times a day about it because I insist she leave a barrette in it. She takes it out at school and comes home with it in her face. After much discussion, We decided to have it cut like a girl's in the shop, stacked in the back, longer in the front and angled towards the face. A longer version of this cut.
I have to say that when Sledge came out wet headed and the stylist began drying her hair, that new little cut began to shape her face just perfectly. The foils made her look like she was about 14. And I began to cry. I know the stylist thought I hated it, because of the tears. I kept telling her that I loved it. I would never have thought I would get so emotional about my daughter's hair (ok, I admit, I did everyday with those BANGS IN HER FACE but not cry over a good cut). Her hair looks gorgeous. Where does time go?
In other news, Big Daddy bought me a new camera. I adore him. It should be here today or tomorrow. When I get it, I am posting Elaina's new do. I wish my hair were long enough to do Sledge's cut.

Update, Camera came!!!!! are the pictures......


Mrs. Jules said...

I'd love to see it. Miss J and I are thinking about scheduling a new cut for her, too.

And there's nothing like a new camera. Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Jules said...

Okay, she's just a the sunkissed highlights!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Love the cut and the pics....what kind of camera did you get????

Deedra said...

She is beautiful! I love the highlights.