Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's Know and Tell Meme

You're welcome to join in by visiting To Know Him!

Question 1 What can you draw well? I am no artist, but I get by using the "impressionist" line. I love to draw, paint and craft.
Question 2 Name a TV show (at any period in your life) that you watched that you were probably a little too old to watch. Confession, at the age of 20 and older I regularly tuned into 90210. It was a can't miss. Today, I love to watch Hannah Montana. So does Big Daddy. Sometimes, even without the 2 youngest kids. LOL.
Question 3What color is the dominant color of your wardrobe? Primarily brown and black.
Question 4Favorite donut? I rarely eat them, but if I can it will be the original Krispy Kreme.
Question 5Wear painful shoes just because they are cute? I used to all the time. Today, NO! Unless I have to go to a wedding or event like that, that requires a heel. I hate to be uncomfortable. Life it to short to wear uncomfortable shoes.
Bonus Questions
Question 6 Is there anything that you believe you do not believe God about? I believe in the word of God.
Question 7 In general, do you think it is ok to be frustrated with people? I think it is normal to have those feelings. How we act upon them and to who we react to is another story.


Toknowhim said...

Good answers this week, and thanks for participating weekly. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Mrs. Jules said...

Thanks for letting me know yours were up! Mmmm...Krispy Kremes.

You said a mouthful when answering #6.

Ellen said...

I've noticed quite a few of us admitting to watching Hannah Montana.