Thursday, March 13, 2008

Freebie Stuff

I love free stuff, who doesn't? I thought I would create a box for Freebies. Here are three Freebies :

1. Hardee's / Carl Jr. coupons: Buy a burger, get fries
and drink for free
At Hardee's restaurants, buy a Thickburger and get a small fry and
small drink for free via this printable coupon. A similar coupon is
available for Carl's Jr. restaurants. They're the best coupons we've
seen from these restaurants in over a month. Coupons end April 1.

2. Lindsey let me know of this one. It is a free coupon from Zaxbee's. I got mine in a couple weeks and gave it to my teenager, Bama, who is always hungry. The coupon is for one free meal.

3. Go to Cole Thompson Photography for a free 5x7 sample print. Artwork in and of themselves. You chose the print you want. After receiving it, you will want to purchase the bigger prints.


ABBEY said...

Okay, ready to turn green? I corresponded with Cole about the silos and he sent it to me so now I have two!!! Now I must buy something ... have you seen the Dahlia and Old Hands? It is gorgeous and I must have it, I must, I must - but it be $250!!!

HEWY said...

Awesome! Thanks for the links!!!

Caroline online said...

Hi Leigh! Did you finish viewing MP yet?- I thought about the show when I heard the unfortunate news about Heather Locklear this week.

Leigh said...

abeey-that's awesome! I love the Dahlia too. And Hands-sweet story.

Enjoy, Hewy.

Hi Caroline! I have watched some of the episodes, though not all. I love that show!!! Thanks again.
OK, I do not know any HL news, what are you talking about? Do you have a link to feed me?