Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Fabian Night" on A Little Show Called Dancing with the Stars!

First let me preface this by saying I am in NO WAY competent to judge a dance contest. I have led you all to believe I am a great dancer, but truth be told **only in my mind and heart** I am a fabulous dancer. Talk to Chesney who is my Thursday night teacher, and she would tell you that I am , uh, something else. My only skill relating to dancing is watching ever single year of Dancing with the Stars and doing a mad hustle in Ms. Blanche Bowling's gym class at Shades Mountain Elementary some 28 short years ago. So that being told, onto Leigh's opinion's on the dance competition.

It was Fabian Dance night, I mean women dancing last night on Dancing with the Stars (whispering-This means Fabian cause he is dancing with Marlee tonight. Did you hear me screaming and whistling.?)

1.First dancer of the night was Shannon Elizabeth with partner Derek Hough- She looked great. The dance was good but it didn't seem to match up with the music, which complicated it for me. It lacked a flow. If the song had matched I might've gotten it better but for me it seemed distracting somehow. 7-7-7 Len gives Shannon & Derek 7 points, Carrie Ann gives 7 points, and Bruno gives 7 points. 21 points out of 30

2. Monica Seles and Johnathon Robert- Bless Monica. She appeared to be very stiff and unnatural. She looked like a deer in headlights quite honestly. Not to say I wouldn't either. Len gave a 5, Carrie Ann gave a 5, and Bruno gave a 5 for 15 points out of 30.

3.Marissa Jaret Winokur with partner Tony Dovolani-She had the precious factor hands down. Cute as can be. She has charisma to spare.I loved it. I thought she did a great job but I also agree with the judges for Tony to give her more. She can do it. Big Daddy put in his 2 cents by saying he thought she was funny. He liked her, but he was really envious of Tony's shirt. Seriously, he would wear that to work and to Publix and all about town if he had one. No, I am NOT kidding. With chest hair proudly waving hello to the world. Yes he would. I am searching for a picture to add.....
Carrie Ann gave a 6, Bruno gave a 6, and Len gave a 6 for 18 out of 30. Respectable score! 6-6-6

4.Priscilla Presley with partner Louis Van Amstel- Have mercy. OK. Lets focus on the dance, because that is what it is really about...she was smooth and graceful I will give her that and stop there because it was about the dancing nothing else. (not even the exorbitant amount of plastic surgery. Why? Such a beauty, Why would she do that? Sad .)Carrie Ann gave an 8, Bruno gave an 8, and Len gave an 8, for a total of 24 out of 30.

5. Kristie Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas (a Harry Hamlin look alike)- WOW factor. She was graceful and smooth. She had terrific hand and arm extensions. She and Mark looked like they have been dancing for years together. 9-9-9

6. Marlee Matlin and her most fabulously fierce partner the highly acclaimed, Mambo King himself ......Fabian Sanchez (oh!? have you heard of him? OK, I know. I'll stop. But, have I mentioned how happy I am for him? OK, really... I will try and stop)-
OK, think I am prejudice? Perhaps a wee bit so, but I think I am actually watching them even more like a hawk. In any case,here it is: I was amazed. An amazing performance by both Marlee and Fabian. They did the cha-cha-cha. Marlee looked beautiful. Fabian looked like a young buck in the prime of his youth (dipping into the fountain of youth. Will note to ask him where it is at) They had a nice chemistry on the floor and they were working the crowd - everyone was on their feet clapping. They were dead on in their steps (or appeared to be with my uneducated dance world mind). I didn't see any missteps. Amazing. Fluid, funky dance number that Fabian put together. Both of them acted out their performance with facial expressions to a T. WELL DONE!!!!!! The judges loved Marlee. Carrie Ann said, they're "judging just what they see on the floor, which is fair". Carrie Ann gave Marlee and Fabian a 7, Len gave them a 7 as well, and Bruno busts out from the pack and gives them an 8. I think they deserved an 8 too. Marlee and Fabian raked in 22 points out of 30, putting them in 3rd place behind Priscilla and Kristi. Nicely done.7-7-8

I hope that you all either phoned in your vote or used your computer to vote online. I did both. You get 5 votes per method of voting at a time. But call on your home phone, cell phone, computer, friends phone, etc. and the numbers add up You get the drift. Just vote and I do so hope you will vote for Fabian and Marlee.


The Roaming Southerner said...

I agree, I think they did AWESOME! Kristi obvsiously is great and will be their threat, I think...but I was really impressed by both Marlee and Fabian

Mrs. Jules said...

I watched it lastnight...highly entertaining (as usual). Yes, Marlee and Fabian were quite impressive!

Gina said...

ABC 33/40 is doing a "viewing party" for Dancing with the Stars next Monday night at the Wynfrey. It's free and open to the public. I'm trying to get the word out...invite all of your Berry H.S. friends and join us!!!

I thought Fabian & Marlee did a FANTASTIC job last night!!!

Robin Saur Murphy said...

I voted for our guy! 5 times. does that make me a stalker? Please tell his wife that we are so excited for them and we are all happily married and have a bunch of kids and live far away! I hope he gets to be a regular on the show- I think he is the best one. He is so talented, cute and funny.

BerryHS class of '89
Cocoa Beach, Fl

Leigh said...

Roaming Southerner-Me too!! Yes, Kristi was good. Fabian and Marlee looked great!

Mrs. Jules-Thanks so much! Be sure to vote for Fabian

Gina-I posted but have a few questions. I'll email you. Thx. Love..

Robin- If it does, join the club. HAHA. Mom did too. I even created 2accounts on ABC so I voted 10 x. I obviously need mental help. Fabian assured me he will not press charges against me, so if not me, certainly not you. LOL. Thanks so much! I know he is soooo appreciative. Love you Robin!