Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Springtime Moments

Yesterday, my mother took my kids, myself and my nieces to see "Horton Hears a Who". I know, "again". I don't even see movies once, but it is a cute movie. It was also the first time my nieces had ever gone to a movie though. I couldn't miss that. They enjoyed it and were so good.
Here is my little niece, she was so proud to show me her pose she does in her ballet class. She told me what it is called but I cannot recall. She wanted me to take her picture of it though. I was thrilled to do so, because usually she doesn't like her photo made. Maybe she is getting used to Aunt Leigh and that dreaded camera she packs around.
Spring is here, the lizards are out. Sledge caught one and was showing it off to her girly girl cousins. One,"Red" got the nerve to touch. I love it when the lizards come back to lie in the sun. I love their little faces.
Have you noticed the flowers blooming, like these in my mom's garden. They are Poppies, which is what the kids all call my dad.
And just look at the pear trees so white. They look heavy with snow, for all the blooms on the trees.
I just love the changing of seasons. I cannot say I have a favorite, for I love them all.

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