Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Scambaiting E-Mail Scammers

A photograph of Nigerians scammed by a scambaiter and included in the Web site's 'Trophy Room". Look closely, these guys certificate comes from the Church of the Holy Cow.

I am sure that you too have gotten the junk emails from people promising to make you rich or those with sob stories attached. I had one this week that said it was from a girl in England whose parents were killed in an accident, please send money for my education. But in reality they come from a group of Nigerian men sitting in a small cramped room in another part of the world, looking to scheme you out of millions. Well now, the schemers have someone they need to look out for, someone who can out scheme them....."Shiver me Timbers". This guy reverses the scheme and ends up piping money from them or contriving a story to make these guys do ridiculous things all in an attempt to swindle money from "Timbers".
In one scheme a Foreign man ask Timbers to purchase one of his puppies. The story escalates from there, which you have to read here. Take note in this story that mogwai meat is not real. Mogwai is what a gremlin is before it changes into a gremlin. You must read and note the absurdities because it is hysterical. More stories are located here:
(Take note the site was down earlier this Am, so if it isn't up, try it again later. It is worth the laugh). I just love it when some slimeball is beaten at his own game.
To see pictures from "Shivers" trophy room go here:,4644,3576,00.html


Michelle said...

Leigh- you wont beleive this, my sellis8630 email got hacked into! Someone went in and had all my email forwarded to someone at a road runner address and sent out god knows how many emails from a guy named "Lewis Fraser".. I noticed something fishy when we didnt recieve any email for like a whole day and then I sent an email to someone and in the TO line it said it was from Lewis Fraser..Not Steve.. Weird.. We changed our password and had any email that was supposed to be forwarded to that other email was forwarded to us.. I felt so VIOLATED and PISSED! I even called the FBI to report it but no one has called me back..

Leigh said...

GET OUT! Are you serious, Michelle? That is terrible! THat would make me so mad too. I cannot belive that happened to you. Can your email account provider trace who it was going to? I am so sorry that happened to you. Goes to show it can happen to anyone.