Friday, February 29, 2008

Questionarre for Feb. 29th

Please join in the Meme. Leave your answers in the comment section, or let me know in comments to visit your blog to read your answers.
Question 1 I can't bear the sound of My kids fighting and the Tv up to loud.
Question 2 I would love to time-travel back to the 70's. I had so much fun spending summers with my cousins, fmaily vacations at the beach. Life was simple and there were no worries. I would write down all the stories my aunts told me. Additonally- the 1940's. I love the time period. Women wore clothes and looked like classy women. I like the fashion and art noveau period of the 40's.
Question 3 Shop alone, shop with mom, or shop with friends? I bit of all, though I cannot say they would agree. I like to shop with my mom. I feel comfortable (with my mom) to say, "OK, I'm done!" and we are. With friends, I am a bad shopper. I really don't like to just go and look. I like to go and get what I went after. One day I went with some friends and they spent a whole hour in Bath and Body sniffing products. I picked up a candle snuffer and attempted to poke my eyesballs out to get them to leave. I know. They probably do not like to shop with me. I would rather spend that time talking over a good meal than shopping for stuff I don't need. I need to work on this.
Question 4 Worst movie ever? There are 3-I hate to admit that I even went to view this movie, but one was Natural Born Killers. It made no sense, was filled with killing and vulger. It was awful. The next was Resivor Dogs. Again, same crap. My husband thought it was good. NOT! and lastly was "Bringing Down Da House". We went with 3 other couples. It was a PG 13, should have been R, it was HORRIBLE!!
Question 5 (More of a poll) Have you ever had your heart broken (by the opposite sex...not by a family member, or close friend) Yes.But is goes back to that old saying, "It is better to have lost in love than to never have loved at all". Mine was with Big Daddy. You all know the story. I carried a torch for literally 13 years. It finally paid off. He finally relented, decided not to press stalking charges (LOL!) and marry me. I adore him!
Bonus Questions
Question 6 In what area of your life have you felt the most judged (by others or even self condemnation)? I had to tell a friend of mine something that hurt her to hear. She didnt beleive me and to this day does not speak to me. I think truth will always win out. I know that I have to stand before God. I wouldn't want him to ask me "How could you allow this to go on and not speak up?" I think now only the guilty will. I did what I think was right. I would want to know the truth. The truth shall set you free!
Question 7 (relates to number 6) Are you now free from that judgment, and how did you get free if you are? I am sure she still judges me. For she does not speak to me. I did what I felt was right in the eyes of God. Through God, and through Christ and in truth we can always find freedom. I had to forgive myself. Prayer. Lots of it. Alot of digging deep and asking myself if I did the right thing. I honestly felt led to by prayer. I think that if you allow something to go on that you know is wrong, and you do not speak up , you are just as guilty. It hurt me immensley, becasue I didn't want my friend to hurt, but I felt that in not telling her I was doing more damage. In my eyes a friend is there no matter what and is always honest. My husband has been a huge help to me. He is my rock. Because of God and my husband and much prayer.

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Toknowhim said...


I am married to a wannabe "Rick Springfield"... I am sure he would tell you he can sing "Jesse's Girl" just as well as Rick can :)

Your Bath and Body works experience made me smile :) If I spent all day in there I think I might do the same thing!!

It seems you have definitely learned much from your experiences from your answers to 6 and 7...