Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Friend Fabian Picked to Dance on Stars!!!!

I am beside myself with excitement as I type this. I am a HUGE, no HUGE fan of Dancing with the Stars. Since the show has been on I have begged and pleaded with Big Daddy to go to one of our friends dance studios and take lessons from him. "Him" is the great and amazing Fabian Sanchez.
Fabian and his equally wonderful brother Freddie went to high school with Big Daddy and I (Freddie also lives in Helena). Big Daddy always turns me down when I have brought up going to Fabian (perhaps it is pride. Big Daddy touts himself as a dance machine, but truth be told-he AIN'T! Maybe he didn't want word to get on the street from Fabian). Fabian and his wife own the Fred Astaire Dance Studio by La Fiesta, which is one of my favorite Mexican places to eat. Every time we go and eat, Big Daddy hears it, and every time he politely but emphatically responds with a resounding"NO!". Insstead we go into the door of the Mexican place and gorge ourselves on enchiladas and cheesedip. It shows.
So today I was having lunch with my mom and my cousin (who works for local TV station) and the subject turns to the show, Dancing with the Stars. I shift in my seat at the newest announcement of celeb's to take the stage in their sprayed on tans and platforms. It is then that I hear Fabian's name in the conversation. My mother had told me last week that Fabian was on TV (which he often is during the DWTS season, giving his synopsis). I then go on to gush as I just did about how I want Big Daddy and I to take from Fabian. My cousin Gina says something that I knew I had not heard clearly, as the restaurant was packed with people. "I thought I just heard you say that Fabian was going to be on Dancing With the Stars". I chuckle to Gina. "I did", she responds. "FABIAN SANCHEZ?" I quip back, "That I graduated with?" "Yes" responds Gina, "Haven't you seen the stories we have run on it? Someone hasn't been tuning into our station". she smiles. "Wait, Are you telling me that Fabian is going to be on Stars? Doing what? I ask in shock and disbelief. My mom and Gina chime in at the same time, "DANCING!" I squealed in delight, then, "FABIAN SANCHEZ IS GOING TO BE ON DANCING WITH THE STARS!!! OH, MY GOSH! THIS IS AMAZING, THIS IS INCREDIBLE. WAIT UNTIL I TELL BIG DADDY! I AM GOING TO KILL BIG DADDY-NOW WE CANNOT GO TO DANCE CLASS. BUT THIS IS AMAZING NEWS."
I then proceeded to call my brother in law (Big Daddy's twin brother) as well as anyone else who would allow me to scream profusely into the phone. FABIAN SANCHEZ is going to be on Dancing!!!
Here is the scoop: MARLEE MATLIN & FABIAN SANCHEZ - Academy Award winning actress, Marlee Matlin (Children of a Lesser God) teams up with newcomer Fabian Sanchez. Fabian is the 2006 World Mambo Champion, a four-time Fred Astaire National Champion and the United States Rising Star, and the 1999 American Rhythm Champion.

Tis true! I am BESIDE MYSELF in DELIGHT. One of my favorite shows with a friend of mine dancing in the competition! AMAZING! This day couldn't possibly get any better (than Fabian dancing and the delightful and delicious salad I downed at Ragtime Cafe). I am sooo on cloud 9, no 10!

Here is the revalent information from the shows web site, as I need to cut and paste for I am doing my own little happy dance so big time right now....Shake it shake it, cha cha cha!
Twelve celebrities - six men and six women - attempt to outshine one another on a sixth season of the hit series, Dancing with the Stars, which returns MONDAY, MARCH 17 (8:00-9:30 p.m., ET) on ABC. The season six cast includes some of our most lauded stars yet: an Academy Award winner, a Tony Award winner, an Olympic Gold medalist, a nine-time Grand Slam tennis champion, and the NFL's current Man of the Year. Six teams will strut their stuff on Monday night, while the other six teams will show off their moves on TUESDAY, MARCH 18 (9:00-10:30 p.m., ET). All twelve couples will perform a second routine the following week on MONDAY, MARCH 24 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), before the first elimination, TUESDAY, MARCH 25 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on Dancing with the Stars the Results Show, where for the first time in the show's history, two couples' fates will be determined in a dramatic double elimination.
And this from his studio's web site:

Fabian Sanchez is a seasoned competitor of the professional ballroom world. He began dancing and competing in 1992, and quickly earned various national and world titles. Fabian's professional achievements include, United States Rising Star Champion, four-time Fred Astaire National Champion, and United States Open American Rhythm Finalist. Fabian is the 2006 United States Mambo Champion. In addition to his prestigious competitive titles, Fabian is professional coach, acclaimed choreographer, and Fred Astaire Dance Studios National Dance Board member. His students have received regional and national first place titles and Top Female Student awards. Fabian and his wife, Jacqueline, are the owners of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Hoover, AL.

Here are my own previous nods to Fabian from prior post:


Michelle said...

HOW EXCITING!! You need to get him to say HEY to you on the show by either crossing his eyes or doing something with his fingers ( not the bird haha) That would be AWESOME.. Man, you are in touch with alot of peeps!! OMG!! WE need tickets to the show.. Steve LOVES the show.. FO REAL!!

A Benefield said...

Those Berry High School folks keep popping up on national TV programs. Great to see yet another get the nod.

Abbeys Road said...

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME, LEIGH! Gosh, you have lead a charmed life, huh? I adore Marly Matlin and saw last night that she was going to be one .... I can't wait .. I so love that show!!!!!! I can't believe Priscilla Presley is going to do it ... she is like, so weirded out now ... I'll be watching and pulling for Marly and Fabian!!! WOO HOO!!

jennyhope said...

how cool is THAT!

Carol B said...

You just know friggin EveryOne! I do, of course, watch Dancing with the Stars... it's right up there w/idol!

Lindsey said...

Now that is some exciting news! I only wished I could have had the audio version of your story. lol.