Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dancing With the Stars

Star in Your Own JibJab!
Remember this from Nov. 28, 2007:
As Dancing with the Stars comes to an end, it leaves me with the same feelings it does every year. It leaves me with great ambition and hope to enroll in my friend Fabian's dance class (located next to La Fiesta in Hoover). I have begged and pleaded with Big Daddy and tried to convince him to do it with me. "Together time" I announce. He just cannot seem to get past the salsa class the he and I once took while on a cruise. I think he is ready for another go. We have had many family dance night and competitions.
I know he can do this. I will not allow this dream to die! Big Daddy, you and I could be the next Cameron and Edita! Just imagine.....(Cut to dream


Anonymous said...

For the love of God! You crack me up!

Leigh said...

Didnt surprise you did it Court?LOL

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

That is awesome!! I am so stealing it and posting one on my blog. :)