Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Night 2008

Did anyone watch the grammy's last night? Over the past several years, it has become much of a turnoff for me, for multiple reasons. This being the 50th anniversay, I decided I would tune in. It was a resoundingly retro Grammy Awards, with the best new artist sitting alongside musical legends. Sadly I missed Alysha Keys performance with Frank Sinatra (LOVE!) with the help of technology.
What I did see, and the standout for me was Tina Turner. While I have never been a great fan of her music, I was blown away at her and her 68 year old body looking some 30 years younger than it should. WOW! Tina Turner took a break from retirement in Europe to perform a duet with singer Beyonce. It was the soul legend's first concert performance in more than seven years. She also picked up a Grammy Award as a participant on jazz icon Herbie Hancock's (another throwback! I didn't even know he had an album!!) surprise album of the year winner.
Turner belted out many of her hit songs with the 26-year-old Beyonce. They indeed got the crowd on their feet with a lively version of "Proud Mary," for which Turner won a Grammy in 1972. Turner sounded and looks incredible. But why, oh why, did she need to have her nipples poking through that silver catsuit? Seriously, I tried to look away but it was totally distracting...

Morris Day and Rihanna performed together. "Olee, Olee, OH!". Another throwback to days past. Quite exciting to be dancing with the time. Hated my kids didn't see that. Although I dont know if they would be impressed or disturbed. I am thinking the latter...

Kanye West, whose mother died unexpectedly last year, gave an emotional performance, kneeling on stage while performing an emotional version of "Hey Mama," with an angel video in the background. I am also NOT a Kanye fan. Aside from me thinking he is an arogant fella... I have to admit that I am prejustice, because I just genuinely do not dig rap, but his performance was nothing less of emotional.

Another blast from the past was Cyndi Lauper looking AMAZING as well. She and Turner, as well as attendees Cher and Carole King must have been drinking from the fountain of youth that they must have discovered during their time of hiatus. Cyndi was so cute with her natural thrill at announcing Amy Winehouse as best new "ah-tist". Speaking of Amy Winehouse, she is someone I have largely been unfamilar with . Aside from her face being plastered on every dish magazine of her turbulent life, I knew nothing of her music. When I heard her preform last night I was stunned, though I shouldn't have been. It is apparent why she was the big winner last night. Such a soulful voice from a young woman of 24. Vocally, she reminds me of Joss Stone. Winehouse sang her tune, Rehab, a catchy tune, though one of distaste for rehab. I hope that she will give it a real chance, as she is there now. She is a great voice, as celebrated by the grammy's-The soulful stylings of her album "Back to Black" were embraced just as her life was falling apart in public. I am rooting for her.

The moment that gave all goosebumps, certinaly had to be when the unadorned, gospel-flavored delivery of "Let It Be" was belted out by two people of which I do not know their names. But certainly both the woman and young boy need to have recording contracts. Awesome.

Lastly, aside from the music, I was so happy to see that most everyone was dressed appropriately, allowing the music to be the focus. Everyone was covered and as a whole, looked great. Good for them, so says this mother.
PS when the heck will spellcheck work? This is terirble, uh, terible, umm, terrible. Come on!


Abbey Road -- said...

Saw Tina on the last tour and so glad that I did .... she has aged wonderfully! And what a performer you, not a big fan, but she is an icon so I went and she put on the best show I've ever seen! Amy Winehouse - accident waiting to happen; sounds like joss stone? she may not be around long . . . wish I'd seen Cirque de Soleil, however ... after the rapper's dirty mouth at the pre-grammy show, I just couldn't bare it ... I get so sick of all that ... glad you enjoyed, tho.

Dullbert said...

My favorite part was Vince Gill accepting his award from Ringo and saying
"I just got an award presented to me by a Beatle. Have you had that happen yet, Kanye?"

He seemed genuinely thrilled

spel chek who neads spel chek ?

Jessica said...

I am huge Tina Turner fan! I always have been. She is incredible. Her legs look great!

Amy Bennett said...

Visiting from the Big Bloggy Move...I watched the Grammys last night as well and had some of the exact same thoughts!

The Roaming Southerner said...

I'm going to double how awesome Tina is...She has aged wonderfully but we all know that she had I hate to gush over someone who has aged wonderfully and not naturally (but at least she doesn't look permanently scared like others)

Leigh said...

Abbey- do you not think she sounds like Joss Stone? Same soul and richness in her voice. I love Joss. I do not watch the grammys for all of the garbage of year spast. I missed the rapper. That is what I am talking about. This year seemed subdued to me. But I was in and out.
Dulbert-I know! That was awesome. DO you suppose he put a hit man on Vince after that? I know he had some "tie ups" with others before that didnt approve of his thought process or beliefs. Of course Vince was kidding, but dunno if Kanye has a sense of humor. PS Iam no longer checking my spelling (I suck at spelling anyhow) because you gave me the pass....
Jessica-Her legs still look great!!
Amy-Glad to see you agree.
Southerner-OK. I am so nieve. I had no idea that she has had work done. Really I didn;t Huh! Dang. That lessens the awe. But still 68? For real....

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I, too have never cared much for Tina Turner's music. But, I have always thought she was an incredible looking, dancing, singing grandmama!

Judy said...

I would like to ramble myself for a minute about that topic. First Ms Keys was great with the projection of Frank. She did a great job. Someone needs to tell her not to get up from the piano. She either needs to fire her assistant that tells her she looks good in leggings (Fat legs and butt) or she needs someone new to help her pick out her outfits. She might need someone to teach her to dance. That would help.
Now to get on to Amy what ever her name is. She reminds me of the girl on dirty dancing that was Gray’s sister that could not dance. It was hard for me to listen to her sing when I could not get over the fact that she had no rhythm what so ever. It was terrible. Now I know why her Visa was denied. LOL
The oldies did look great! It just shows you what money can buy. Tina looked like she had had a recent face lift but at her age with her money I would too.
Overall they were all great. Thought Vince made a really cute comment to Conway!
Send the pictures from Saturday. I really wanted to go (Really Bad) but had to work.
Talk to you soon.