Monday, February 11, 2008

Conversation Starters

Converstaions Starters. Its a new meme by yours truely, Leigh of General Ramblings of a Premenopausal Woman. Cut and paste to your blog if you want (Let me know so I can read your answer), or just comment in my comment section.
Here is a great question. One that will certainly get you thinking.

Lurkers, please participate and pipe in too...

What do you beleive is the greatest mystery of all time?


Leigh said...

yes...I am commenting to my own meme! Aside from where does the other sock disappear to in the dryer...and the brown spots that were on my carpet.....oh! and who left the milk sitting on the counter, I am going to say...hmmm this is a hard one. I can thin k of mulitiple answers...
1.I am facinated my historical religious ties, such as where things actually took place. Like, the arc, where is it? I saw a facinating show one time on National Geographic of where this company was escuvating land and apparently unearthed some evidense dating back to the time of Jesus. Sadly, now I cannot recall what it brain works like that.
2.unexplained things like, Bermuda Triangle, Big Foot, Nessie and UFO' it real or a figment of imagination?
3.where is Osama Bin Laden? That scares me.
4.the unsolved mysteries of people disappearances, kidnappings, homosides. That is always facinated me...trying to put it together
5.Stonehenge (

Charnita's Xpressions said...

The greatest mystery to me is life...I know big subject, but I mean as in actually being alive in the physical sense. What makes flesh and blood and gray matter all have life, thoughts, emotions, movement, a soul??? I think about the depth of the human body and brain a lot and how it works...and it always gets me to that thinking point where I can't think anymore!!! Kinda makes me wonder how some can think is is accidental or coincendental with no divine creativity involved??
Oh there are many more things that tax my brain as well....
Missing people? Look at the staggering numbers of people who are noted as missing. WHERE ARE THEY?
I could go on and on at things that are mysteries to my little mind. Maybe I will on my own blog!!!

Leigh said...

Charnita-great answer that I fully agreee with. I sit and think sometimes, tings such as being able to hold a loved ones hand...fingers well planned. The way our "systems" preform and run. How everything is so perfectly put into place. It amazes me to know end. is endless to think about and marvel at God's great plan. How great HE is!!!

Dullbert said...

This is not up there with the meaning of life ! But I saw this documentary years ago and it has all the makings of National Treasure meets Indiana Jones. It's called the Oak Island Money Pit
Many theories are in extstence as to the origin of the Money Pit, ranging from a natural formation to the final resting place of the holy grail. I won't bore you with the details but check it out.