Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cole Thompson Photography

A friend of mine, Mike Weems, shares a passion for photography. I ran into Mike a few months ago and he told me of a photographer that he had stumbled onto via the internet, Cole Thompson. I went home and immediatley found Cole's web site and was enamoured at with his work. His eye and abilty to see past just the image, but to evoke a feeling, a movement through his photography. It really is something to behold for yourself. On the web site, you will find much on Cole's background and how he found himself-a photographer. His work is there, with opportunity to purchase pieces for a very affordable price. I really enjoyed reading the stories that led him to photograph certain things, his feelings at the time, etc. Be sure to read the story of Angel Gabriel!
Cole was kind enough to send me one of his prints, Three Silos. I got it in the mail yesterday and was even more blown away at the quality of it in person. As I told Cole, I could almost feel the wind whirling above the silos. It is a true gift of which I am so appreciative. Cole is so generous that he is willing to give you a sample print to (to those with serious interest only).
Check it out for yourself:


Charnita's Xpressions said...

I checked out his site....AMAZING!!!

Cole Thompson Photography said...

Leigh, thank you for featuring me in your blog! That was very generous of you and I appreciate it.

Already received some contacts from it!

Thank you.

classic images in black & white

Abbey's Road said...

I've corresponded with Cole Thompson about his art. I appreciate you turning me on to his work - he seems really nice.