Friday, January 11, 2008

Quick Trip

My Day Today
1. Went to Gadsden and saw my cousins, Adair & Christy and Elaine and Paul. I gave Elaine a locket with a picture of a cabin on it as a thank you for having me up to her cabin. I was thrilled to find this piece (pictured).
2. I invested in some nostalgia/musical history today from Adair, who was having a garage sale. Dair is a professional singer. He has an amazing voice. He had moved to Gadsden to care for his ailing mother, who recently passed. He is now moving back to Nashville this weekend and in preparation was clearing out some things for his sale. I purchased three wooden chairs from him that once sat in Buzz Cason's Sound Barn Recording Studio. Dair says that he knew for a fact that Jimmy Buffett and Burl Ives once sat their rears in them. LOL. Hows is that for a story! I will love telling my kids that not only "JB" sat there (we are all huge JB fans/parrotheads) but also the snowman from the Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer cartoon. LOL!!! Jimmy and Buzz had produced Jimmy's first album for Barnaby, "Down to Earth" and the subsequent album, "High Cumberland Jubilee" at the "barn". I am really excited to own a few pieces of musical history and not to mention they are great looking chairs. I will have to take a picture of them. They look teak and are folding chairs. I was sold on the chairs even before I found out the history, but that really landed the deal.
3.Mom and I had lunch at the Courtyard Cafe located in the Cultral Arts Center in Gadsden.I got a great plate of vegetables, almost as good as momma's for $4.95. For that price I got mac and cheese, fried okra squash and tomatoes, pinto beans, slaw, cornbread and cherry cobbler. What a deal! A suggestion to those planning to eat there-ARRIVE early or expect to wait. Word is obviously on the streets regarding the taste and price. Courtyard Cafe - 501 Broad Street
4.Took some shots of the river and trees (as mentioned in my questionnaire from today) I love the starkness of the trees in the winter. They make for very interesting photographs. They photograph so beautifully.
5. Also in the questionnaire of today, I talked about my love, ok obsession for Mater's Pizza. I was in the area so I HAD to get some. It is supper tonight, so all is covered. Whew-hoo!

...and I made it home by the time the kids got home from school. And when I say kids I mean it, 7, 17 year olds and 3 kids 9 and under.
And finally-Oh!MY!GOSH! I think I have figured out how to put pictures elsewhere in my post. Have mercy! It has been driving me bonkers.

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