Friday, January 11, 2008

Aunt Carols Bro, Chuck's Music

You have all heard me talk about our Aunt Carol from Indiana? Last night she sent me some information on her brother who is a professional musician. I was all to happy to post his web site and email so that he can get more traffic to his site. Drop by and listen, leave him a comment.

Music....the feelings of someone's inner soul.
"An acoustic blend of folk music ranging from "sixties" folk to "folkgrass"

"{I} just set up a website. It's Now "UncleJohn" and I both have websites. It's still underconstruction, but we do have the "Follow On" CD stuff on it, including audiosamples of all the songs and the ability to order it online. If you guyshave any friends or relatives that you think would be interested in that kind of music, I would appreciate it if you could let them know that your brother(s) have a CD out and where to go to listen to audio samples. I know with all the music out there, it's hard to get people to listen to your music, but I figured it's silly to set up a website and not tell anybody about it. So, anyway, if you know anyone who might feel some sympathy for your brother(s), could you let them know about the site. I'm just trying to get the word out about the website. Thanks, Chuck "


chuck said...

This is Chuck Potthast, Carol Bratina's brother. I want to thank you for posting my music website,, on your blog. Hopefully some of your readers will check the website out. When I win my first grammy award I will share the name of your blog site with America. Thanks again.

Leigh said...

HI Chuck!
I was all to happy to do it. I have enjoyed hearing of and listening to your music thorugh Aunt Carol. Thanks-and yes, spread the name! LOL!