Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Look, sort of.

First, let it be said...I am a woman. I change my mind. I thought I would change the look of my blog...but couldn't find anything that "fits" and is still familiar. So,I changed the color. I thought I would try out a new template, but I am afraid that it will cause issues to others that visit. I have found that sometimes I cannot go "back" from another blog with a freebie template (not through the blogger site) or it takes awhile to pop up. But what do I know?? I still am not happy with it but for now it is what it is. we are, and things could change again.


Jessica said...

You are a doll!! I will send you the directions pronto for a new background! Together, we will make it happen! : )

Jessica said...

These are free blog skins you can use!

Try one out!

Jessica : )

jennyhope said...

with the free templates I had to start over because it did not save all of my old stuff and i couldnt figure how to back it up! Hope you are having a great start to the new year!
I think I told you but I am starting a new study on the 8th if you are interested. Psalm of Ascents by Beth Moore it is 6 weeks and light homework with dvd sessions. I did it already and it is SOOOO good!

Leigh said...

Jessica-Thank you so much, You have been most helpful. I truly appreciate it.
Jenny Hope-Thank you so much for the invitation. You are so sweet to include me. What night, time and where? I love Beth Moore to. She truly has a gift of spoken word. I find myself hanging onto her every word. Also so glad you let me in on the back up stuff. I would be so fustrated to loose all my stuff. I might chicken out and just keep the different colors...though love other folks sites so much. Confused..

Jessica said...

I would love to do a tile for you! I'll be sure to post them as I make them- maybe it will inspire you! : ) Than you for being so sweet. It makes my day- totally! : )