Thursday, January 3, 2008

Message For My Puppy Parents

I took the puppies for their first vet check today. They had both their 4 week worm and 5 week shots. The Vet said that they are all very healthy and have strong heartbeats. They are ready to go in that sense. They will need to be vaccinated again at 8 weeks bu the new owners and I will have that in a puppy contract for each owner to sign Emaile me for a copy to review prior to purchase). I am going to keep the pups through the weekend and make sure that they are eating their Purina puppy Chow, mixed with warm water (to make a gruel) and fully weaned from Mama dog. So by the 7th or 8th I believe they can go home to all their new parents. That being said, I don't want to rush things and want them to be healthy and fully weaned.
I read on the Internet that it is a good idea to put a small stuffed toy with the puppies and at the time for them to leave the litter the toy to go with them. Then they have something in their new environment that smells familiar and make the transition a little easier. If anyone wants to bring a small stuffed toy by for that purpose (getting scented by siblings and mom), that will be fine. If I am not home, leave it on my doorstep. You will know which toy it is when you get pup.
We have certainly enjoyed getting to know these little babies. You each have sweet babies and I know that they will mature into great dogs. Congratulations new parents.

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