Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bama Car Before and After Photos

First 3 are Before Photos, Last is after.

.................................................................Bama got his car back today from Truman Fancher Auto Collision Repair. If you will recall, someone side swiped Bama on his way to school in October. We took the car to Truman when school got out for the Christmas break. We told him that we would like to have the car back by school start. He did it...and did it well. When we purchased the car the previous owner (a family member) had a minor wreck in the car. The paint was not quite matched up on the door from the prior detail company (in Jacksonville Fl). It is now. We are very pleased at the quality of work and attention to detail. Of course, we expected no less. We know the Fanchers and think the world of them. They are "good people" and honest people. I highly recommend their services. You will be pleased.

Truman Fancher Auto Collision Repair, Inc.
2506 Highway 31 South
Pelham, Al. 35124
M-F 8Am-5Pm

Today was a good sing along the car, as I was taking Bama to get his car, I was listening to the radio and heard these great tunes back to back. Of course that made me sing and oh! so happy! It doesn't take much (smile)

1. Baby Come Back- Player. Love those 70's easy listening
2. Fat Bottom Girls followed by Bicycle-Queen. Love Queen. I really wanted a car tag that said "FtBtmGrl" but my son wouldn't allow it. I think it was one to many letter too. That was the one time I gave in.
3. It's Your Love-my favorite song by Tim and Faith. Honestly. I cry everytime I hear it. It reminds me of my Big Daddy. It's really our song-especially the second verse.
4. The Sky is Crying-Stevie Ray Vaughan. One of the music industry's biggest talents and greatest losses.
5. Edge of Seventeen-Stevie Nicks. I so want to be her when I grow up. LOVE STEVIE!
6. You had me from Hello. Kenny. He just makes me happy.

I hope your day was as musically filled as mine!


Anonymous said...

Tell Bama to quit bump drafting to save fuel :) Do you still want some Loretta ?

Off to create a myspace page now

Leigh said...

You kill me Tom Sawyer!
Loretta-Heck ya-ah! I am really needing to sing Fist City or perhaps Lousiana Woman/ MS Man....

Anonymous said...

Some of that old stuff sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom at a rest stop ? How's your Stevie Ray collection just heard him on a Nissan commercial

Leigh said...

Well it probably was..and by Do Little himself. You do know Do don't ya? Yes I have a Double Trouble album. Stevie Rocks!