Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Resolutions? Get Fit Through Derby!

I had to post this that is up on the Tragic City Rollers Website. HAHA! Yes, I am so in. Whose with me? It'll be fun!
Be sure to look under my post, Roll ON Skate Queens for Roxy RamJett's Response to my inquiry about me joining the team....What's the worse that can happen?~Leigh

PS Notice me in the picture. I know the girl I put my head on her body will kill me. LOL. But really it is a compliment to her that I wanted to be like her!

New year, new you? What better way to get out all of those issues you dealt with in 2007 and start a brand spanking new year than by joining your local roller derby league! At the end of the month TCR is hosting our annual rookie week!
Ever thought you could take down Roxy Ramjett? Sized yourself up against Psycho B? Thought to yourself that little whipper snapper Acute Pain couldn't be much of anything to send flying?! Well nows your chance to find out! January 29, 30 and 31 TCR is opening our rink to any and every girl who wants to give it a whirl! All you need is $5 and an appetite for destruction, we'll take care of the rest!
We'll start you off nice and easy, just helping you get your basic skate on; we'll show you how to fall without snapping your spine, how to skate without breaking a leg or two and how to have a really awesome time with a bunch of really awesome gals!
If you made a resolution to get in shape this year, we promise derby is a great and fun way to do so, not to mention its just about the best prozac on the market! If you've ever had the tiniest curiousity, come out, see what we're about! We promise not to hurt you....yet!!!Want to do some light educational derby reading while you're waiting patiently for the end of the month? Go here and find out what TCR is all about!
LOCATION: Funtime Skate Center3508 Decatur Highway 31Fultondale, AL 35068
TIME:Jan 29 - 8:30pm Jan 30 - 8:00pm Jan 31 - 8:30pmCOST: $5


Anonymous said...

Wait are all yall doing the roller derby? Cause I wanna watch….

Deedra said...

I will have to just cheer you guys on. My feet hurt just thinking about putting on skates.

Leigh said...

Micheala-Come on with us! I need a cheering section
Deedra-Your easrs must have been burning. I was just at the consignment store and saw your business cards there and was telling Michelle how I thought you were so sweet. She agreed. Come on, Deedra-you so could do this. AT the very least to embarrass your kids. How fun is that!

jennyhope said...


Leigh said...

You laugh Jenny-but I am couting on you to go too!