Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hannah Montana and an Invitation for you to Dance with me

In today's edition of The Birmingham News, Lifestyle Section in Kids my girls are in it. The article asked for photos of folks that got HM wigs for Christmas. I haven't seen the paper yet, but it is this picture and was told at the top of the page. I am on my way to get it and check it out for myself.
(Added later) This photo can be accessed from the web site, look under photos on the left side of the page by scrolling down.
In some unrelated but exciting news, My friend Flo and I are going to start taking a hip hop dance class at Dance Et Cetera. Classes are on Thursday nights at 8:45-9:45 (after kids are asleep and sound). I am so stoked about shaking the lot that I got. I am hoping to lose some of my lot so I can recall what I do got. Hmm? Wanna join us? Come on! Starts a week from today. And let me just put it out there, I am always testifying to the fact that I LOVE to dance. I LOVE it. But my kids like to remind me that I cannot. So, no videos or cameras to document or for blackmail purposes will be allowed. So join, if I can then you can. It's the fun way to burn it off!


Anonymous said...

I saw that photo in the paper today!!!!

So is it roller derby or hip hop dance? Don't you have to choose? Which has less of a chance of injury?

Leigh said...

Why limit ones self? I am goin gto do it all. Derby one day, dance the next. I cannot commit to actually join the derby team, since they travel. Are you going to come in the least cheer me on?
Will you PLEASE join us in the dance group?
At this age, I dont think it matters. It is inevitable that I might shake something loose, as it all is squeaking....

Melanie said...

What a cute pic!! I didn't see the paper, but I will look on in a few. I did salsa aerobics again tonight! Yay for you on the hip hop class! Keep your fingers crossed for the snow!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love the wigs! I wish I would have thought to get Toni one...she's a HM Freak too!

AlabamaGal said...

Your girls are just precious!
Have fun at the dance classes. Let us know how it goes and what are your favorite moves.

It is nice here in Chile. My husband is from here originally. We are taking advantage of a two month and five day trip here. I will post pictures and tell about my trip on my blog during this time.

Thanks for visiting me as always!