Friday, January 11, 2008

Know and Tell Friday 2

Question 1 Favorite season and why? I love each of the seasons, I honestly do. I love the fact that they are all different and equally as beautiful. Each represents things to me or conjures up memories. I LOVE fall. I once lived in Florida where there was only summer (I was in the pool in January!) and I recall teaching and a grandparent that lived north sent in fall leaves. The kids went nuts. It is funny how you take things like that for granted. Though the leaves I never do. They always are so breathtaking. It truly makes you stop and appreciate the beauty in nature. I love spring for the rebirth of all things. It is a celebration of life. Very representative. Summer has so many fun memories with friends and family. I even love winter with the starkness of the trees. I love to photograph trees most in the fall and winter. I love the brisk air, it is invigorating.

Question 2 How many times have you moved in your life? from state to state-twice. Once to Portland Oregon and once to Sarasota, Florida (my second home!) in state moves, 5.

Question 3 What kind of chicken wings do you like? none. I am a vegetarian. All meats -yuk. Though I cook it every day for my family. I love to cook seafood-freshly caught by us is my favorite. There is something about catching and cooking your own supper. I long for the day we move to the beach and I am able to catch and cook my husbands supper. I have salt in my veins.

Question 4 Which is worse? Shopping for Jeans or a bathing suit? Are you kidding? A bathing suit! I DO NOT EVEN want to think about seeing myself in a mirror. Ugg. Very depressing.

Question 5 What is your favorite kind of pizza? MATERS (in Gadsden. It is an hour from me, but I do just drive up for a slice of pizza. Yes, it is that good!) I like plain cheese.

Bonus Question 6 What is your favorite book of the Bible and why? I guess I would go with the book of Psalms. Psalms is very thorough and I can always find a passage that I can apply to the times of today and most importantly, live by. I also like Isaiah (specifically 40:31)


Lindsey said...

I concur:), Maters is very good. Shopping for bathing suits are yucky!

I think it would be very cool to actually catch the "catch of the day"!!

Toknowhim said...

Thanks for participating today. I wish I was a would be so much healthier for me.. Blessings...

jennyhope said...

I hate bathing suits. Also, I love me some cheese pizza! I have never heard of that place. have you tried tortugas on 150?

thank you for your sweet comments and for the scripture. you are so precious! Also I was at the galleria today did you go to that jjill?

Leigh said...

Lindsey-OMGOsh, isn't Mater's the best ever!!Shopping for suits, a big no no-Especially after eating at Maters.
Jenny Hope-My son loves Tortugas. It is good, but not Mater's. Ys, at the Galleria. About 12:30-1:30And I adore you and your blog. You inspire me.