Thursday, December 6, 2007

What do your dreams say?

Last night I had a bizarre dream. It happens every so often, where someone deceased comes back in a dream to pay a visit. Last night it was some friends that passed away in a car accident when we were all 16/17 (see in memory, "Heather"). you all ever have dreams like that? What I have noticed in them (where anyone that I know is deceased and I dream of them) is that the deceased person always talks to me but never moves their mouth, yet I can hear them and know what they are saying. This is without fail. Other average Joe's in dreamworld move their lips when they talk. I know, it is a strange question...but I always wake thinking it is strange that it happens every time. Why? Perhaps I am putting to much thought into it, but it is funny how maybe my brain translates that or perhaps there is more to it. I prefer to think the latter. I love social calls....

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