Friday, December 7, 2007

December Birthday's with Friends

I love a celebration! Or, as my husband's sweet grandmother likes to say (she is from Connecticut) I love a pautie (party but sounds like potty). Last night my close group of girlfriends (with the addition of a couple great husbands) got together to celebrate December birthday's (Kym, Carey, Lindy, Michael and Shaun's). I have said it time and again, I am so blessed with the friendships I have. I treasure each one of them, as I do all of my dear friends.
We had a fun evening! As a bonus, Flo gave each one of us a "parting gift" when we left... a gorgeous milk chocolate gift box with a lid that comes off and inside are chocolate goodies. How precious. What a clever gift! The lady that makes them (contact information) is on the slide show if anyone is interested in purchasing one of these novelties. Perfect for now, or to remember for Valentine's Day.
Happy Birthday to all!
I am off this weekend for a girls weekend. I am going to my cousin Elaine's cabin in Mentone. I am sure there will be much to blog about upon my return. Wishing a great weekend to all!

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