Friday, December 14, 2007

Prayer Request.

Last night, had another girl's night. Yes, I have a fabulous husband. But really it was a night of support for one of my girlfriends, Lynn. Her daughter has an inoperable brain tumor. Lynn really needed this night out. She needed to laugh actually hear herself laugh. It was a nice evening. I have said it once and I will say it a thousand times..we are a close knit group. We are a family. Heck-we ARE steel magnolia's. Just wanted to mention and ask that everyone in bloggerville will please pray for this child as well as her parents and sister. They are all struggling with this, as one can only imagine. My God bring them peace, comfort and complete healing.

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Anonymous said...

hola chica's!!!

Ok.....I'm out and about tomorrow and Saturday so i will pick up the Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix movie.

Flo said she would start the search for slippers!!

Leigh is going to find popcorn yummies...but no candy! I think Leigh is calling about the special jammie place that Lynn mentioned.

Kym and Judy...this is all we chatted about in the car ride home!!

I had fun tonight!!

Love you guys!


Abby said...

finally catching up on my blogs!! i will definitely be praying for this sweet girl...

i love that you ARE steel magnolias :) those types of friends are hard to come by...hold on to them!! so great to be blessed with such a close group

Leigh said...

I am blessed Abby. I thank God every day for my circle of friendships. We have weathered many many storms together and I think that is what has gotten us through.
Thank you for the many prayers for this child and her family. The situation is quite serious.