Friday, December 14, 2007

Consignment Classic's

Consignment Classics, it is a new consignment store that opened up yesterday, December 13 in Helena. Owners Steve and Michelle Ellis have worked wonders making the shop look so nice and "boutiqueie". They are now accepting gently worn clothing and have lots of cute and funky brand named clothing. You all know what a germaphob I am so you can bet that the store is clean and so is the clothing that is accepted. There were many name brand items such as Abercrobie, Aeropostale, Ralph Lauren, Polo, and Duck Head, among many others. They carry women's, men's and children's as well as a section for maternity. Consignors get 40% of the profit that is sold. Clean out your closet like I did.
Consignment Classics accepts cash, check or charge.
Consignment Classics is located next door to Golden Rule Barbecue on Hwy 52 in Helena.
Check it out! Tell them that Leigh sent you.


HEWY said...

I fear going back into my garage for clothes. I barely escaped with the Christmas lights.

Leigh said...

Belive me, I understand. I was in the same delima...but I made room for my Christmas lights now. I brougth in three loads of things. I will bet that they thought I was a nut! But now I hhave room!

Abby said...

ahh! thanks for just reminded me of my need to go through my clothes for give aways!! :)

Leigh said...

But alais!

jennyhope said...

I will have to check this out! I am all about consignment! Thanks for the prayers for Morgan. I am so tired today. =)