Thursday, November 1, 2007

Watching, Eating and Dancing

I spent a good portion of my day sitting in a hospital lobby, waiting on a family member that had a surgical procedure. For me, that was quite a feat. I am a BIG germaphob. My friends are still talking about the last time I went to the hospital with them to visit a friend. They all got and continue to find joy in that trip. After I tried by best to suppress the notion that I would surely be stricken with some ailment of mystery disease I tried to find something to occupy my mind. Sitting at the hospital, that is quite a task. EVERYONE is sick, or has been possibly exposed to someone who is. But as I began to look around, I realized that the hospital is a great place to watch people. People are so funny and interesting to watch. I got curious as to what afflictions people might have. I almost forgot why I was there when the doctor approached me and told me that all went well. Thank the Lord.
From there I went to the grocery store. After doing research on diabetes, my husband's newly diagnosed condition, it seemed everything on our house was poison to him. I spent a small fortune to replace everything in our pantry with acceptable foods. My teenager is already rebelling by driving to get his own meals else where. I told him that if he doesn't eat this way, one day he will be in the same position so he might as well get used to it. It is a lifestyle that we all need to adopt in support of our dear old dad as well as to be healthy ourselves. Actually, after reviewing a diabetic cookbook, the recipes sounded very tasty. I guess the jury on that is still out and will decide tonight by actual taste test. My husband is very picky, he likes very few fruits and vegetables. He is a "meat and potatoes" man. It should be interesting. I spent 2 hours on the Internet last night just trying to find some recipes he will like. For the next few days we will try diabetic versions of the following: spicy seafood gumbo with rice, homemade crock pot chicken noodle soup, Fiesta Steak sirloin fajitas, cauliflower bake (That's for me. Who am I kidding to think Tom will eat that!), Homemade Pizza. If anyone knows any good tried and tasty diabetic recipes, let me know.
I have not had the opportunity to comment on the Dancing with the Stars controversial ending that took place earlier this week. I CANNOT believe that Cheetah Girl was ousted. How can that be? She truly was the best. And as it stood on Monday /Tuesday night, all the ones I likes had made it this far ( with exception of Scary Spice and Soap Guy. They are not my faves-the remainder are). As much as I adore Marie and Jane, they should've gone home. I was clearly shocked. Shocked I tell you.
Halloween was fun. My daughter, Sledge, went with some friends to another neighborhood. Apparently this neighborhood host a Halloween parade prior to the treating. My husband and I took "J Smooth" out while "Bama" stayed home and gave out treats. We had a good number come by the house, although it seems they all arrived at once for a 20 minute interval and then we didn't see anymore. The kids scored big. I was glad I got to try a new candy that I didn't want to by in case I didn't like. It is the mint 3 Musketeer's. It was so sinfully good. Luckily there was only one in the bag or I would've eaten more.
With the passing of Halloween, I think it unofficially marks the beginning of the holiday season. That is so hard to believe!! But so is the Cheetah girls departure.....
Have a great weekend!

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