Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mark The Bottlenose Dolphin

Mark beached himself on September 17, 1996. Mark was a adult male Atlantic bottle nose dolphin. He was stranded with numerous, fresh, severe shark bite wounds and unusual, extensive, discrete, hyperplastic, firm skin nodules of unknown etiology. Antibiotic therapy and treatment for Nasitrema parasites were begun along with wound and supportive care. Infection of shark bite wounds and pneumonia developed. Certainly sharks were doing what was natural in the circle of life by attacking this very sick animal before he was rescued in Longboat Key, Florida (Sarasota). The dolphin's condition slowly deteriorated, resulting in the decision to euthanize on 1 Oct 1996. Necropsy and histopathology revealed pneumonia and hepatic failure with a resultant septicemia. Additionally, three fractured ribs showing some healing were also discovered.
Lessons learned from this rescue: On the beach, consider removing dolphin with fresh, bleeding wounds from the water rather than holding animal in the water, exposing people to possible attack by sharks.

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