Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What the Bathroom told us

It had gotten to be funny, while on our trip to Disney World a couple weeks ago, my husband visited every bathroom from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot-even places in between. The kids and I spent half of our time in Orlando waiting on him to get out of the bathroom. I had a feeling though what the real situation was. My husband has lost about 20 pounds with out trying, he is constantly thirsty and frequently has to urinate (yes, I am sure he will love this blog...). Anyway after one visit to the bathroom to many, I begged my husband to see a doctor. Why does this seem typical of men? Why won't they go to the doctor?
When we returned home, I called and made him an appointment. I knew he would continue to put it off. I also asked to speak to the nurse directly so that she could document on his medical chart the reason my husband would be coming in. I could just imagine how it would play out..."Hi Mr. ^(*^. What brings you in to see me today?" Tom-"I don't know? My wife." and that would be it. Yes, i did have to treat the situation like I was calling in to make an appointment for my child. My suspicions were correct. My husband is diabetic. The doctor said it is genetic, although no one in his family has diabetes. Hmm?
I am just thankful that it was diagnosed and he can now be treated. The doctor was concerned saying that his blood sugar levels were almost 3 times what is normal. My husband called me on the phone to deliver the news. He was so irritated, "What kind of doctor did you send me to? Dr. Doom and Gloom? The guy basically told me that I was probably going to loose my feet one day and that my chances of dying from a stroke or cholesterol or high blood pressure had gone up significantly. Man, I would've lived another 5-8 years happy and eating just what I want, but now I will live a long time and have to skip out on the good stuff." Of course, it is a serious topic, but I am glad he can put some humor in it. I am so thankful. He will go next week to a "Diabetic Clinic" and learn about what he needs to eat and in a few weeks will see if it needs to be controlled by insulin. He had to get 4 shots today while there, "For protection" (flu, pneumonia, etc) the doctor said. He now has to take 4 kinds of medication and prick his finger a few times a day. My husband wasn't happy. But I am, at least I will have him to pester the fool out of for many, many more years.
If anyone scan relate to the symptoms I mentioned earlier, I hope that this post will convince you of the seriousness that is diabetes. Listen to your body!! If you are having to go to the bathroom consistantly, cannot quinch your thirst, etc. Listen to the whisper before it becomes a shout.

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Anonymous said...

I had unsweet tea for lunch, and didn't drink any cokes or mountain dews and skipped my after lunch snack (which is usually 2 chocolate chip cookies). So I think the diabetes thing is gone now.
Thanks for the info though.