Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Ghost of Sewanee

(Photography by Leigh)

One of my most favorite places is Sewanee, Tennessee. The University of the South is located in Sewanee and gives the small town it's stability and charm. Sewanee is one of the mort peaceful places that is steeped rich in history. It is about a 3 hour drive from Birmingham, Al (or mapquest it from your location). You would think that there's nothing strange about Sewanee, Tennessee but this place has it's fair share of ghosts. Ghosts are so common here many people don’t even think about it anymore. Some people say these tales are not true but not all the inhabitants of Sewanee are really alive.These are some of the spooky things that have happened here recently.The ghost of a young Indian warrior is often observed mailing a letter at a Sewanee post office.
A female shape has been observed on a few occasions by a man camping at a campground outside Sewanee.The ghost of a badly mangled hunter dragging a dead bear has sometimes been observed seated at a table in a Sewanee house.
A black cat that turned into a woman can be witnessed very often sitting in a chair in a house in Sewanee. A man with no head has sometimes been seen going through the fridge in the kitchen of a Sewanee home in the early morning hours.The ghost of a woman with a bag tied around her head was spotted walking from house to house in the early morning hours before sunrise on a Sewanee street. The witness fled when she saw the ghost. One of the most infamous ghost of Sewanee is the the ghost of a headless student (dubbed the "Phantom Gownsman") who roams the buildings. When you visit Sewanee you can certainly feel the presence of historical spirits. Why, just look at the "orb" in my photo that I took at the cemetery. For real...


jennyhope said...

Isn't sewanne an Episcopal school or something? I cant remember?!?!:)

HEWY said...

Yeah! Ghost stories Rock!

Leigh said...

Jenny Hope-You are correct, Sewanne is linked to the Episcopal Church. The campus really is such a beautiful place.
Hewy-I love a good ghost story.

Anonymous said...

I get Sewanne alerts and just found your blog.
Thanks for a good read.
I live in Sewanee and would love to know your sources.
Haven't heard much about our ghosts before.
Any leads with your sources,
Email me if you can;