Thursday, October 4, 2007

Baby Got Book

I have had to crack the whip at my house. My husband is really into "old school rap", you remember...LL Cool J, Busta Rymes, Run DMC, MC Lite, Tone Loc, Salt & Peppa, Biz Markie etc. Anyway, he and my children think those songs are hilarious. Big Butts quickly became the theme song in our household. I had to explain to my husband that is was not nice for our children to go around singing that song, teaching it to other children. I just waited for the telephone calls...."Susie came home today and said your child taught her the song called "Big butts". Yes, one time-{when we were teenagers} it was a funny song (it still is in the proper time and place). But not now when my 9 year old is singing every lyric to that song. I had to put my foot down. Simply put, it is not acceptable for a young lady-or child to be singing. A good friend sent this to me today. My teenage son said that I should reteach my younger children the lyrics as these. I got such a tickle out of it......Hope you will too.....

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