Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Deserve Better

I Deserve Better by Leigh Bratina

I am so blessed to have the wonderful group of girlfriends that I do. We are so fortunate to have one another. Recently I have had *2* dear people who are very close to me dealing with a straying spouse. In our little group, we all offer support it in different ways. I actually wrote this song in 1993 and found it not long ago. I thought it is the perfect little ditty to try and to offer up some support to my friends, knowing their lives are much better to be rid of someone that cannot be trusted. For you , my girlfriends..........

I deserve better by Leigh Bratina

Gazing out my window at the rain, it trickles down
Thinking about last night; I knew the day would come around
I put up with all your stories, 'bought into all of your lies
but baby, as of last night there'll be no more alibi's
I deserve better than this, and she deserves you
So softly you'd whisper that I was the only one
Yet you ran off to another when it was over, said and done.
But it's all over now, I've heard your last lie
You took a match to this one, I don't even owe you a goodbye
I deserve better that this and she deserves you
Waiting up late at night and you don't come home....
Knowing this isn't right, I'm used to sleeping all alone
I deserve better than this and she deserves you.
I'm sick of all your sweet talking, alibi's, kissing up, little lies
All your messing 'round
Your darned little cheatin heart, it can't be found
I deserve better than this and she deserves you.

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