Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boom Days

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Ft. Payne's Boom Day Festival for the second time. I love going! I have family in the area, and we use it as a time to meet up, enjoy one another company, dance...sing along...and do some toe tapping to some great music.

The Boom Days Heritage Celebration, Fort Payne’s annual art and music festival, displays citizens of Fort Payne taking a second look at their past and the heritage passed down to them through the arts and crafts of our area. It features dozens of the South’s finest visual artists and traditional craftsmen, as well as dozens of the area’s most talented musical groups.

Four blocks of the city’s downtown district are closed to traffic while art shows occupy Alabama Park and City Park, and a variety of music flows from four outdoor stages. Downtown merchants operate sidewalk sales, and cultural and historical displays are mounted at the Fort Payne Culture & Heritage Center and the Depot Museum.

What I lacked in mentioning about the Boom Days Festival...
Its a prime place to people watch!
It's a favorite sport. I come by it honest....inherited.

It's also a great opportunity for some great photo ops, which I hope you might enjoy in my post.

Mother badly wanted this bus. She loved the name of the band, and thought it'd make a great family bus for car trips. Call us the Partridge Family....

Lucky for me, my cousin Marc is a gifted musician and was playing in the festival this year with his bandmate, Jerry Bloom:

I was lucky enough to have a "backstage pass" made for me by my cousin Marc's daughter...

It's all in who you know, people. :0

Now, allow me to introduce you to my adorable and talented cousin, Marc....

He and Jerry are: "Jerry B and Marc with a C"....

Did I mention he is single?

Yeah, yeah...all the single ladies....

He loves me so.
I'm certain even more so now.

But let's not forget his other partner...

Not sure about a package deal. LOL

Aside from my cousin, there  was other talent  and happenings about town...

This young lady followed Marc and Jerry. She was half of another talented duo. They sounded great!

Come on, lets take a look around town...

I guarantee Rock Candy will have you up and dancing.
They have an energy that is contagious!!!!

Family of the Neville Brothers were there, not only to contribute to the music...but to take it in.
This is Aaron's nephew:

This is my mother's nephew (pictured with me and my mom)

We had such a great time.

There was a car show. My mom and uncle love to reminisce about cars and "the olden days".

Their brother had one like that one (above).
In my dreams, this is what I drive..

Ft. Payne is the home of the country group, Alabama..

And big black poodles.

And cool motorcycles.


There were alot of folks to see!

Last year I became familiar with multi-talented artist, Fleetwood Covington.
Fleetwood's medium is paints on reclaimed barn tin.
And he paints something close to my heart....things of the south, and scenes from music of the south.
Its something that touches my heart.
His too.
He also plays the music. Blues.
I can appreciate some blues.
So can Fleetwood, and he does it well....

I purchased a beautiful painting from this artist, who designed the official poster of Boom Days.

Also, in Ft Payne...right in the heart of Boom Days...

Hammer Time!
(Can't touch this...)

After I loaded up on deals, I took the long way home.
Country Roads, take me home.
To the place I belong...
Hope your weekend was just as fabulous!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful wk-end. I so enjoyed Boom Days in Fort Payne. Great music, great bands. Jerry and Marc were so good and Rock Candy Band was fantastic, as usual!! A beautiful day, no heat, no humidity....couldn't have ask for better. "A good time was had by all"! I love you, bloggerita girl.....Jimmy's playing now!!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Love you!!!!!!