Monday, February 14, 2011

Bringing the Outdoors In

Winter Time can get so monotonous. So many people around the country are home bound due to the winter weather, and this year has been especially harsh. For me it helps to have pieces of nature around my home. Things that inspire me, from places I love. For example this "Beach Basket" that sits on the shelf in my living room.

It is filled with tiny treasures from beach adventures of the past.
This piece of coral is from Mexico. Don't for even a second think I took it from the sea directly. I wouldn't dare to even dream of doing that. Not only is it illegal, but it is a very important part of our living sea and should only be looked at (dont even touch!!!!) so that our children and our children's children will one day know and respect. All of my treasures have been washed ashore. And this coral was no longer a living coral.

I also found this heart shaped piece buried in the sand onshore in Puunta Sur, Mexico.

And I love to collect driftwood on beachwalks in Fort Morgan, Alabama. The more knarled and aged the better.

And I have ALOT of shells collected over the years. Every color and shape you can imagine. I am sure you all have the same thing. Put them bowls, baskets, on your coffee table to enjoy! Just looking at them makes me smile.

The starfish are actually faux.
I love my nature basket. It reminds me that spring will be here well more adventures I enjoy!
Happy Day my friends!


Jane said...

Like you, I have baskets of "outdoorsy" things...mostly driftwood and shells. I do have to keep these items up high, because the dogs love the salty tang remaining on the shells and wood. I cannot tell you how many star fish I have lost to puppy teeth...

jennifer said...

Great minds think alike! I found driftwood that was in a bucket out in my garage (it had probably been there for 6 months or more) and put it in a tall glass candle holder.

THIS morning!!

I share your love of driftwood and Fort Morgan. Wish you were going with me today. It is going up to 70 degrees and the beach is calling!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Love your beach basket..., and awarness!!

Kat said...

Love your basket filled with items you love. Wish you were on our beach today...heaven. I posted some photos this afternoon.


Marie Anne said...

I would much rather be looking out a window at the beach!