Monday, August 2, 2010

Open House-Gallery Hallway

I have shared with you my gallery wall in the hall before, but I made a few changes and added some additional photographs. So, thought I would give you one more hall tour on the Open House Tour Segments.

I added the pictures to the wall above the gate leg table (that was a gift from my cousin Becky). They include a photo of my family's shadow. Pictures that my uncles drew (they were both artist). My son's artwork that is a sunflower. Personal items. Pictures I took of places I love to visit. And old family photos.

These are all things that I love to look at. I will now allow you to look around, but before I do I invite you to visit more of my hall wall gallery by clicking here. By clicking you can see more close ups of photographs and memorabilia.

Hope to see you tomorrow!
Have a wonderful day!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the tour of your gallery! I like the way you've incorporated artwork of your family. It looks great arranged above the drop leaf table.

Allie and Pattie said...

Leigh, I have boxes packed of all the pics I want to use on a family gallery wall in our new house- now we just have to find a house! :(
xoxo Pattie

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Just lovely! You did a great job!

Love that "B"!!


Marie Anne said...

I love family photos! Looks great.

DogsMom said...

I found and bought a wonderful scupted sign of the word family. Brought it home and was so excited to show it off and find the perfect place for it - dropped it. 2 letters broke and I STILL have not found the top of the "f."
Could that be an omen?

You have a beautiful (and organized) comfortable home.