Sunday, July 25, 2010

Open House-My Bedroom

Well, Hello! And come on inside! I am thrilled to have you join me today. I hope you made it in for the open house segments last week. My house is nothing extraordinary. Its me. No fuss and fluff. Just thrifty finds that make me happy...but most importantly its where family resides. Where ever that may be.
Today I am sharing my bedroom.
I shared once before in a post from over a year ago.
GO on, take a look at the before. I'll wait here until you come back. That way you get a before and after .....

Alright then. Well. I made a few changes. I have yet to get to the wall color. I plan to paint it a very light blue. Like soft blue in a morning sky. Or the shallows of the Gulf of Mexico in Cozumel. You know that color?
Well. It's coming. But for now, I thought Id share with you what I have done.....
Come inside....

The curtains are "mistreatment's". I found the panels at TJ Maxx for three bucks a panel. I used furniture tacks in the wall until...
The chair was a garage sale find that I purchased from a neighbor. It was almost new, but didn't match. I used an antique spread as a slipcover. The antique linen pillows, gifts from my cousin Becky.
The decorative wood piece under the window sash came from an old Victorian home.
The sticks are ones that I collect on my hikes in the mountains and driftwood on the beach.

This rocker is over one hundred years old. A gift that's been in the family. It was from Big Daddy's grandparents. It needs recovering. But it too has to wait. College tuition takes precedent these days.
The mirrors: The top one was a $8.00 find at the Ross Bridge community yard sale. The bottom has been in the family longer than I.

Now, the mantel. It was once in the home of my great grandparents. My grandmother lived in the home as well. When she passed and we prepared to sell the home, I went in and took one from the wall. They were in all the bedrooms. I just recall as a child loving the look of it and the old mantel clock that sat atop that would lull me to sleep. It was the last thing I would look at as a drifted to sleep, and the first thing I saw when I awoke.
And I wanted to have that tangible piece of history from their home. So I took it.
I lugged it around for years. Plum near twenty. And finally found a place to use it in my home. It's my favorite thing in the room.

I was so thrilled to see it again when I sleep and wake. Such memories.
I forgot to mention that the picture was a thrift store find for $3.88. The mirror below (until I find a perfect fire screen) is an antique ceiling tin made into a mirror that I scored at a garage sale for $5.00.
And please, take notice of the monogram on the mantel......

It was a gift from a TFB reader. She combined mine and Big Daddy's initials into a vinyl monogram. I am so often overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness of bloggers. It really is an incredible community. But I digress....
 I love the monogram and wanted to feature it somewhere special. When I put up the mantel, I thought of  that monogram that I wanted to use i a special way and put it on. I think it really personalizes our space, as do the wedding pics of us from long ago that sit atop.

I need to hide the lamp cord. I was in a rush when I took these pics...waiting for guest to arrive.
And now....Big Daddy's favorite decor in our bedroom...

He just thought it a hoot for me to hook a stick on our wall. And he admitted he would've never thought or had done it. But he loves it. As do I. I love the southern moss still clinging to it's branches.

I think I need to loose the brown silk ruffled pillows. Though this pic makes them look lighter, they are really darker. I think the before photos with all white. The other pillows, from At Home in Homewood.

And there you have it. The tour of the bedroom. I hope you will join me tomorrow for more of my open house segments!

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In the meantime....Live, Laugh and Love every moment!

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Mari said...

Your room is lovely. I love the mantel - and it's even better because of it's history!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OMG I love it Leigh!!
What a beautiful space you have created! I love the colors, the furniture, the bedding and the drapes!

Marie Anne said...

What a lovely tour - thank you!

Dawn said...

It looks great Leigh. I alwyas love your mix of thirfty finds, family treasures and natural items. It's very soothing!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love your room. It is gorgeous. The color is lovely and all of your antiques are wonderful. Hugs, Marty

Laura said...

SO glad you didn't start this post like they do on MTV's
"Cribs" -

"Yea Yea, this is where the magic happens." Gag.

Thanks for the invite to view your lovely boudoir. I absolutely adore the stick on the wall, your gorgeous mantelpiece, and will gladly volunteer to help you paint when the time comes! If you want to offload those brown pillows instead of recovering them, you know where to find me, and until then, I would love for you to come over and "do" my house. Love your easy, relaxed decorating style and our shared passion for all things old that have a neat history. Happy thrifting!

Kat said...

Beautiful! Love it.


house for sale Philippines said...

Lovely bedroom you have, perfect color too.

Deirdre G


Love the pictures of your bedroom. Thank you for sharing the room and the stories that went with it. I enjoyed the read.

angelo h said...

I love the bedroom. The wall color (or is it wall paper!)and the side table chair seems so cozy. I love the look and feel of the place. It is just wonderful and so peaceful.

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