Monday, July 19, 2010

Open House: My Kitchen Space

I recently hosted my husband and his twin brother 40th birthday party in my home. It gave me great motivation to get some things accomplished that I have been putting off far to long. I thought I would take this week and show you some of those projects. Lets begin in the kitchen...the heart of a home.

This idea came from a Better Homes and Gardens inspiration page I pulled from a magazine:

Blogger and Store Owner (and IMHO the vignette queen) Debbie Dusenberry @ The Curious Sofa's ( ) home was featured in last years special  holiday issue in which she used her silver trays for this effect.  I wanted to adopt it for my own so I went to work. I have inheirited so many of these silver platters from grandparents.
And do you see that shell tray on the left?  My big hearted blogger friend, Dawn of Cottage State of Mind sent that to me (long with a gorgeous french book of photography....all captured around family mealtime! Priceless!). I  think of Dawn and the precious family who shared these with me. I think of their giving spirits each time I look at my "silver plated wall". I hung the trays on the walls-tarnish and all. I love the tarnished ones more, I think it gives them much character. What do you think?

And in true thrifty Thursday inspiration, I found these drapes in the clearance section of TJMaxx. Six bucks per panel. The drapes are actually "mistreated" using furniture tacs into a stair railing cut in two.

And finally, this wooden stool got a fresh coat of paint and a bit of stenciling.

For the other side of my kitchen, you can click this link where I shared my before and after of my painted cabinets.
I hope you will come back tomorrow and all this week. I have MUCH catching up to do!
See you then!
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Mari said...

I love it! What a neat display. :)
PS - I noticed your Helena weather widget and I am surprised that it is hotter here than it is there. It's 92 right now and is supposed to be getting hotter yet this week!

Jane said...

Looking forward to seeing more. It's so much fun to peek into others' homes. :-)

Jane (artfully graced)

Heidi said...

Hi Leigh,
Great job on those trays, what a fun idea to hang silver instead of just plates! I agree, the tarnished ones tell a more interesting story.
Don't you love having a celebration on the calendar to inspire you to finish projects? That's when we get the most done around here!
Have a great week.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love, Love all the of my favorite things to see recently..

I have a new giveaway on my holiday blog, A Baby Changes Everything, with more copies of IN A HEARTBEAT to give away on TUESDAY. Stop by and enter....Have a great week..

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to your husband and brother-in-law!

I'm honored to see the tray hanging with your relatives heirlooms! The whole grouping looks wonderful. It must have been hard to get it all layed out just so with all the different sizes, shapes and colors. Did you end up with a gazillion nail holes like I do?

I thinks it's been hard for a lot of us to keep up with blogging this summer. I know it has been for me! But the kids are happy so that's what counts!

Laura said...

I so big puffy heart the silver trays wall! What a great idea, and how beautiful in your kitchen!

Nestled In Rosenberg said...

Beautiful display of trays!

Jane said...

Hi Leigh,
Your kitchen looks gorgeous. I saved that same picture out of Better Homes and Garden with the thought of hanging my silver plates and platters. I just never got around to doing it. You did such a great job with the motivation to pull those trays out of storage and get them on the wall!!
Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

Debbie @ said...

Hi Leigh! How can you go wrong with something this beautiful? What a great look on your wall. I love it. What a beautiful dining room. Love the drapes and how you hung them too. Really is very pretty! You always have great ideas my friend. I love to see your creativity and this post shows it in full bloom! hahaha....what next. Just think of all the ideas you have now that you have the faucet turned on ...just let it flow!!!! You are full of inspiration. I told my hubby blogging helps get ideas you can take the picture. Good bye procrastination!
Have a blessed day!

Suzan said...

LOVE the silver on the wall!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Leigh,
It looks just gorgeous!! What a great job, the trays are so unique and give it so much character. And the drapes and the stenciling all look so well done! Bravo girl!

Low Tide High Style said...

Wow Leigh, I love everything! Your silver tray display, the bargain curtains, the stool...and your cabinets look amazing!

I love the silver shell tray your friend sent you, so pretty and what a nice thing for her to do!

Kat :)

Teena in Toronto said...

So much nicer than mine :)

Happy blogoversary :)

Kat said...

Like you, I kinda love it when I have something planned at my house 'cause it makes me get my hiney in gear and get lots done. Hmmmm...maybe I need to plan something...