Thursday, May 20, 2010

"It's the Climb"

Thanks to all that participated in in Thrifty Thursday, as well as those who paid visits to the participants.
I was going to do my recap today of TT post, but after reading one post in particular I thought I would focus on that one because of the message.
It's written by Laura of Decor to Adore who began life with many hardships, beginning with the loss of both of her parents and becoming a child in the foster system and having her dreams stomped on....but it's a story of hope. And the roads she traveled to achieve her dreams despite the ticket she was handed. I love happy endings, and I love it when someone has a passion and a desire so strong to make their dreams come true. That is Laura's story. I invite you to visit her blog and read her story of hope. Its a story that can be applied to any one's life, no matter how big the mountain, it's worth the climb.
Also, I want to invite you to visit my Foodie Friday post at Plates and Places.

But before you leave, if you haven't already be sure to enter the  giveaway for a $60.00 gift certificate to use in any of the CSN online stores.

Have a wonderful weekend, thank you so much for stopping by Bloggeritaville.



I am pretty sure I have entered...but just in I am again. I LOVE that photo...and I am on my way to check out Laura's blog. Happy Friday!

Jane said...

Hi Leigh,
Thanks for the link to Laura's blog. I'm heading over to read her story.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kat said...

Happy Weekend sweet friend.

I hope I'm entered. I'd love to win.

I'll go now and visit Laura.


Kirby3131 said...

Wow - Inspirational. It is worth the climb :)

Kristin - The Goat