Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hey Good Looking, What cha got Cookin'?


It was Ms. Berryhill's way of venting frustration at her Home Ecomics class.
"People" was her word to stress her level of exasperation. The more exasperated she was with her class, the more she would stretch out the word.Ms. Berryhill was MY home economics teacher when I was in the seventh and eighth grades. She was a lady who would looked like a combination of Mrs. Claus and the Pillsbury Dough boy. She was very old fashioned and looked like anyone's grandmother. She had white hair that glistened on her head. She was very maticulous and very scructured.

And me.....I was the worst sew-er in the class. Which is why I will visit you in blog land and be in awe of the creations you will whip up. I can sew a button, And that's about it.
The first asignment in home ec class was to sew a skirt. I picked a fluffy "prarie" skirt with many pieces as my first project. Just like I am today, I have wonderful thoughts and intentions, but the actual process ended up being more than I bargained for. Somehow, someway I eventually got through and finished my skirt. And even wore it to school without being sneekered at.

Then came assignment number 2. An apron. Which in comparision with my prarie skirt should have been a breeze. But alas, once again I wanted to get fancy and chose a pattern with ruffles and ridiculous stitching and bias cuts...things I cannot even recall now, but I do know it became impossible for me to complete.
So much so, that my entire class had completed their aprons and moved into the other classroom next door, the one with a kitchen. As I sat alone at my machine, listening to it hum, and stop. Stop and hum. I would become distracted by the smells of cookies baking next door.
Cookies I was missing.
Because I was sewing.
But the day finally came, when I could join the young chefs in the kitchen. And I can honestly tell you I am a MUCH better cook than I am a seamstress. MUCH better!

My daughter, Sister Sledge is now in her own Home Economics class.
Her teacher is not Mrs. Berryhill. Her teacher is Ms. Bailey. Sister Sledge really likes her.
She hasn't had to "sew for her supper".
She has started in the kitchen. And has throughly enjoyed learning new recipes.
So much, in fact that much to my surprise I awoke early Saturday morning to the smell of breakfast cooking.
I thought for a moment I was dreaming. And then I jumped out of bed, wondering if my house was burning down and met my daughter halfway down the hallway.
"Breakfast is ready. I made french toast and I am in the process of making homemade biscuits." Sister Sledge announced.
I looked back at her as if she were sleep walking.
And then I followed her back into the kitchen.

Isn't her French Toast beautiful?
Izzz sooo proud!
Sister Sledge even thought outside the box and used colored sugar on her french toast for "visual appeal".
Here she is checking on her biscuits:

She ended up running out of time and couldn't roll her biscuits because we had to get to wrestling. So she made "drop biscuits".

I am really liking this.
I am keeping her on staff.
Because Peeeee-Pullllllll, I never thought anything wrong with having more than one chef in the kitchen.
I just hope she can make Homemade Lasagne!

(Sister Sledge will be sharing her recipes  for French Toast and Easy Homemade Biscuits later this week on Plates and Places)


Shelia said...

Oh, Leigh, I believe Sister Sledge is a keeper! She is so cute and looks jusst like you! Her french toast is beautiful and I do like the colored sugar - great effect!
Now drop biscuits - that's my style. She looks proud and I know you are proud of her! What a little darling! I took homemaking too and I would start my sewing projects and my mother would usually finish it for me! LOL
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, the memories of Home Ec class!!! Enjoyed seeing your daughter cooking!! : ) Tell her to be Thankful for Home Ec. I hear our school because of lack of funding will not be offering that class next year -- Illinois is broke.
Fun looking at your new cook!

4thelove! said...

Reading the post was fun! I'm working on Seanie whipping up some yummies! I mean, he can swing that in between Wizard 1o1 and Wii...

Allie and Pattie said...

She did a fabulous job! Allie made a cake for the Superbowl yesterday and decorated it herself-what a hoot! We are some proud mamas!
xoxo Pattie

Jane said...

What a great Saturday morning surprise! Sister Sledge's French toast and biscuits look wonderful!
With your encouragement, I know she will continue to provide you with wonderful treats!

My eldest became a chef...until he discovered his passion for wine. When he moved back to PH, he surprised me with a gourmet meal...grilled pork chops with a blueberry reduction sauce, roasted rosemary potatoes and grilled asparagus. I was so impressed. I still remember the taste and smell of this meal. Maybe because that was the last time he cooked a complete meal for me... But he makes a mean Key Lime Pie!!!

Jane (artfully graced)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

She did great. You may end up with your own personal chef. :)

Juliana said...

WOW--she can cook better than I can!!! What a great blog you have!!

I found your blog through SSM and am now following you. I hope that you will come by and follow back as well! Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

tricki_nicki said...

I've mised you girl!! And I WANT some of those biscuits!

By the way, I'm moving down south - to Texas! I always knew I shoulda been a southern girl!

Patti said...

I am a Home and Career Skills teacher and I love to read these stories! Sorry your experience was as exciting as your daughters....she is very clever with the colored sugar! So many schools are eliminating this program so I was glad to hear it is alive and well in Alabama!


Tell Sister Sledge that I cannot wait to get her recipes. The french toast looked yummy. I loved having Kat in the kitchen with me.

Denise said...

Nothing better than surprise homemade breakfast goodies! They look delicious.


jennifer said...

Not only does her food look good, she is the prettiest chef I've seen in a while! Move over Rachel Ray, Sister Sledge is in da kitchen!

LauraBeth said...

I love it! She is seriously learning LIFE SKILLS - there's no way I could've married TJ and not known how to cook, much less fed myself on the creative concoctions I dreamed up in my early-20s broke-ness! As a result, I make a *mean* beanie weenie casserole, and am still using the peanut butter cookie recipe I learned in Home Ec in the 7th grade. Rock on, Mrs. Eddy!!!!

Lamp Tramp said...

She's so beautiful and she can cook too!?!? Wow! That's great that she is enjoying it how fu. Loved your story about home ec class. Had it too! Loved it then and still love playing house.

Jamie said...

I'm visiting from Alabama Blogger.

I never took home ec, so I missed out on all the fun. So great that you have a new little chef in the kitchen!

Rambling Round said...

Just found your blog via Alabama Bloggers. Looks like you've got a budding cook in the family!