Monday, February 8, 2010

Break n it Down, Wrestling Style

I bragged a bit yesterday on my daughter Sister Sledge. I couldn't let it go without bragging on my youngest son, J Smooth, who wrestled very well this past weekend.
I'd brag on my oldest, Bama if he would allow me. Now he is an "adult"(LOL) he refuses to give me permission to put his image on my blog. Or that's what he says anyway. I think I may be embarrassing to him. Imagine that? I wuvvvvv my baby boy.
Mommy would never embarass her snuggie wuggie bear.  

I couldn't miss that opportunity.

On Friday night and all day on Saturday, We spent our time working, watching, eating and breathing wrestling. Our wrestling club hosted the tournament, which meant our club members were called to volunteer to work various jobs. Big Daddy and I were put working the scoring tables for the "school boys" (wrestlers in middle school and up).
It was my first time to work a table and I can just say, I thought I was going to cry I was so nervous I would screw up the brackets. I was in charge of two different weight classes and was terrified I would confuse the two. But midway through, and with some strict and insistant education& direction of wrestling by Big Daddy, I finally caught on enough to relax. Or maybe it was that I became afraid of Big Daddy's line of directing.

I guess he thinks since he wrestled for 6 years (in middle and high school-we went to school together) and that our oldest son and youngest son have wrestled a combination of 3 years that I should know all about wrestling.
With Friday behind us, I left the stress to my son, J Smooth who wrestled....


Aww. I make that face when I am trying to remove blood, fingernail polish and doggy smells from my carpet.....

And usually after my own little mental breakdown that mothers sometimes have, Big Daddy will give me a pep talk much like he did J Smooth. Nothing like having Big Daddy to snap one back to reality.

It also helps to have good friends around to cheer you on.
In life and In wrestling.
Way To Go, J Smooth!


Bama Belle said...

LOVE the action pictures! Tell him we are so proud of him! Sorry if I was a bit chatty today, guess you could tell I am a little passionate about that subject. I don't think I let you get a word in. Oh well, please over look your friend. Love ya girl!

jennifer said...

AWESOME! Way to go J Smooth!

I LOVE those Daddy/son pep talks. How great that you got a picture of your boys workin' it out together.

Love ya Leigh!

Jane said...

Way to go, J Smooth! Wrestling is a tough sport. Your mom's blog friends are really proud of you. Be sure to listen to your daddy. And most of all, have FUN with it!

(Love the uniforms!)
Jane (Artfully Graced)

Allie and Pattie said...

Good for him!! As the mom of 6 (5 of them being boys), I feel like I've spent half my life at one sporting event or another. My hubs still doesn't get how after all that I'm still the one asking "can they do that?" "Is that in the rules?" But just ask me about a paint color, fabric, or how to make polenta and I'm good to go! LOL Love the pics and someday your snuggie bear is going to look back and wish he was in mama's blog!
xoxo Pattie

LauraBeth said...

Awww, YAY!

Swampgirl said...

He looks so cute in his singlet! Tyler says I should say "buff"...He looks buff in his singlet! I did learn a little during the season but it still confuses me. My older sons were in Taekwondo and so was I. So I understood every move and rule. Even my hubby was clueless about wrestling! Luckily we had friends who could tell us what was going on!

Lindsey said...

The pictures are so precious!!

Lamp Tramp said...

Awesome for J Smooth! He's a handsome guy, gonna break a lot of hearts down the road!

Lamp Tramp said...

Awesome for J Smooth! He's a handsome guy, gonna break a lot of hearts down the road!

Les Cotrions said...

So handsome son you have! You must be very proud of him!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

He is so darn cute Leigh! My son wrestled for awhile too when he was about that age. My step-son did too and I still don't get it! Hugs, Cindy

4thelove! said...

Leigh...that is a great picture of T and J.....the way he's looking at T and really listening.... great photo.