Thursday, January 7, 2010

Play by Play, Lotta (Link) LOVE & a Giveaway

How I wish I could payroll someone to come up with clever catchy Titles. I just don't have the knack. Ya know they can afford to pay someone just for that reason-to come up with catchy titles-at real news worthy get ups.
Alas, I never claimed to be "worthy". But I am Thrifty! But before we continue on any futher.....

There is so much to chat about today! Pull up a chair and sit a spell won't you?

First and foremost,

I cannot express how proud I am of the Univeristy of Alabama football team, Coach Saban (real men do wear pink ;) and the athletic staff! My heart swells with pride today for both how the Tide represented themselves both on and off of the football field. A great effort by both teams. Both played with dignity and class on the field.A big "Well Done" to both teams, Univeristy of Alabama (Crimson Tide) and University of Texas (Longhorns) that played in the Citi BCS National Championship game.
But I have to say it, ROLL TIDE!!!!!

I cannot tell you how excited my household was on the result of the game.
My brother and sister in law actually went to the game and are staying in Pasedena through Sunday. They have had a blast! It was amazing to be able to talk to them during the game as well as post game. I felt the electricity through the phoneline. I felt it in my house.

Incidentally enough, my brother and sis in law have been enjoying the sights of California (where the game was held) and "schmoozing". They actually shared a flight with AL. Governor Bob Riley, took in a Lakers game, seats away from LL Cool J ( Going Back to Cali, Momma Said Knock You Out, Wild Thang...)
They went out to eat and ended up meeting and chatting up one of my most favorite actors (aside from Tommy Lee Jones), Morgan Freeman! And ended up running into some other family members in California (none of which knew the others were there. It really IS a small world!).It's been fun to live vicariously through them in the play by plays from the field to Rodeo Drive ( BTW-I did ask, they didn't find ANY thrifty finds-by my scale- while there! LOL).

Yesterday's Thrifty Thursday seemed to take on a Thrifty Craft theme and I loved the creative inspiration so many of you shared. Honestly, you have inspired me to get on the stick and craft a silly spell! I cannot wait to get started. But first I wanted  to share a quick recap of Thrifty Thursday.

Someday Crafts had several crafts to share, all of which are craft worthy. All of which I will be creating! How cute is this book made of cards?

For future answers of things you may or may not have known about Leigh.... I am trained in American Sign Language(though it has been awhile....). I had hoped to be an interpretor, but then I became a Mom. I job I was blessed to have!  And you know I love photography so it's no surprise that I ADORE this way of saying I love you.

Heidi of Heart and Home shared multiple thrifty projects, all of which were fabulous, creative, thrifty  and with amazing results. My favorite was the weather vane, seen below.

My very good friend, Keetha, The Eclectic Company, has the most wondeful way of weaving a story and telling tales. And she comes through once again as she shares several of her thrifty treasures she has had for many years. You will adore Keetha!

Just Devine Style had the most elegant monogrammed frame, she made as a Christmas gift for someone special. I am a HUGE fan of homemade anything, so this is a thrifty idea I adore. Great idea!

Tracy at Blessings Over Flow Found a set of Pfalzgraff dishes...and the price-unbeleivable! The setis worth over $300.00!

This was one of my most favorite ideas in yesterday's Thrifty Thursday, because I too have the same photo in my idea notebook. Stephanie  of  Under the Table and Dreaming used a photo from a Pottery Barn catalog as her inspiration to create a dirt cheap (almost free, really) art piece that  I would challenge someone to find the fake. GREAT job!!!

Another idea I loved was featured by a blog I equally love...I mean, for goodness sakes, she's thrifty like me!
All Things Thrifty featured a lima bean wreath that is so simple, so natural and yet so elegant it can be used many months of the year. Just change out the ribbon.

Barbara Jean at Threasures from the Heart purchased a thrifty treasure, and it came with hidden treasures inside!Clcik to find out what she found inside. Bonus treasures!

And finally, my sweet friend Robyn of My Southern Cottage  (She knows my friend Diva!) created these GORGEOUS grain sack (looking) pillows. Visit her blog for the complete tutorial.  Sadly, I cannot SEW so I will be envious of these beauties from afar. Great work, Robyn!

If you have read Tales from Bloggeritaville for any length of time, you know I often chat up my girlfriends in the "Clematis Club".  When I first began blogging, I cannot begin to tell you the hard time they gave me about the blog. And don't get me wrong, they still do.
All but one.
I am proud to announce I converted (along with some other of her blog friends) my friend, "High Mae" to the world of blogging.

Mae has a way with writing. Her dry humor often is peppered throughout her tales and adds much expression and wit to a story. She is in the process of penning a Children's book. But now, you can read some of her writings in her blog, High Maintanence + 3!
And she didn't stop at that, she also has a Photo a Day blog, you can find by clicking HERE.

I do so hope you will take some time and "Show the (bloggy) Love" and visit her 2 blogs. I have told her so many times of the wonderful friendships I have formed and the inspiration I have received. I would love for her to be able to find your blog, so please, leave her a roadmap (comment) to your place and Feel the Love!

Funny enough, High Mae (and Mari of  365 Day, Recipe Blog and Mari's Little Corner of the World) inspired me to begin posting my own, "Picture a Day" blog. I admit it has been hard to juggle and get picks posted daily, though I do photograph daily. You can find my Photo a Day blog here, as well as being listed on my sidebar under "Leigh's Blogs". I am hopeful that in the new year I can expand the ole blog with buttons to make the transition to my other blogs easier.

I interupt this post for a giveaway, a BLOG makeover giveaway, that I just found out about. How's that for luck!?
**On a note of an upgrade, Designer Blogs is celebrating their first birthday with a giveaway in the form of some bloggy makeovers. I so need this.
But you can enter too-there are four giveaways!.
And should you decide to, which I dont know why you wouldn't, 
 I would be MOST appreciative if you would say that you found out about the contest from Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville.

Did I mention how appreciative I'd be? Really I would!!!

Back to the original post:
Speaking of my other blogs, you can find some great new recipes at Plates and Places. With a family of five who expect me to cook every day, I HAVE to come up with delicious and eye pleasing meals to please my family of VERY PICKY eaters.  I found some wondeful new dishes and recipes over the holidays. These are recipes that have been taste approved in the kitchens of family, and friends... as well by my own family.

Thanks for dropping by Bloggeritville today! I always enjoy your visit!
Thankyou for indulging me in being long winded...and excited!
Have a wonderful weekend! LIVE (truly LIVE) Out Loud.


PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said... did have a lot to share with us today! I wanted to join your party (you're one of my faves), but I have to focus on getting some walls and furniture painted. Great time to get things done at home with all the cold and snow! Hope to party with you next week...
Living it up at Lakewood,

jennifer said...

ROLL TIDE! It feels good doesn't it?

I LOVE the Lima bean wreath. My grandmother made rooster pictures from various beans a LONG time ago. The wreath took me back!

I'm still not up and running (internet not working well and I'm borrowing Bryan's mobile broadband before he goes to work) but I hope to get back to normal SOON. Ha! Normal computer use anyway.

Love you Leigh!

Robyn said...

Thanks for the feature!! ROLL TIDE!!!!

Dixie said...

Go Horns! oops... sorry... that slipped out Leigh! LOL Great game... would have been better with Colt.. but it's over and the Cowboys are playing this weekend... it's how we roll in Texas!

One of the reasons I don't join many meme's is that it takes me so long to get through all the participants... so I'm still working on that for Thrifty Thrusday... and I'll probably finish before next Thursday!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

blessings. Dixie

Keetha Broyles said...

Why thank you for the shout-out!

Your Tide gave me HEART FAILURE at the beginning of the game. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT???

Congratulations on the win - - - I TOLD you you'd win!

I do feel so bad for Colt McCoy - - - I know he wanted to PLAY in that game.

You were too chicken to SHOW my notebook in my shout-out paragraph. It's a real "eye-grabber." Hehehehehehehe

Mari said...

Wow - you have so much to say today I don't know where to begin! Congrats on the Alabama win - I can only imagine the cheering going on in your house!
How exciting that they met Morgan Freeman. I've always liked him.
I didn't know you did sign language. That's something I would like to learn.
The dishes are beautiful and such a deal and I love, love, love that number art piece!
Glad you are enjoying the photo a day project. Somehow I forgot to look, but I'm going there right now!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...


Linda said...

ROLL TIDE! Great Job they did!
Enjoyed your post, and it was a long one but so much good info! I have been checking on Thrifty Thur but didn't finish all the visits, hope to do that today. Lots of crafting and like you makes me want to try some of them. I am trying to get better about taking photos everyday. I love photography but need to get more disciplined about it. Thanks for all the inspiration Leigh. I'm on to visit more blog posts today and get some of my own up!

Kirby3131 said...

Goodness, that was a lot of information packed into one post. I'm so happy to hear that you have recruited another blogger :) and another Photo of the Day blogger, too. I do a POTD, too and I'm loving it.

Congrats on the Alabama win!

Kristin - The Goat

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Roll Tide!
You know I am an Auburn fan, but I fought my instincts to pull for the orange. I think they all did us proud.
The photo a day idea is great~ I'll link up for the ride.

I love the lima bean wreath... off to check that out!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Donna said...

I just found your blog and love it! I am also from AL and began a blog in Sept. I am so glad the Crimson Tide won! Alabama needed the big win. I will have to link up to Thrifty Thursdays ... love a bargain.

Gwen said...

I must say, I was so torn last night watching that game. Most of my twitter friends were UT fans, but many of my bloggy friends are Alabama fans. I just decided to be happy that both teams made it out to my old hometown and enjoy the game.

Maybe, someday, my Cal Poly Mustangs will make it to the Rose Bowl. Hey, it could happen...

Heidi - Heart and Home said...

HI Leigh,
Thanks so much for featuring me today, I really appreciate the pat on the back! I'm looking forward to spending some time checking out the other sites, too. They all look like a lot of fun! Right now I have 6 tabs waiting to be opened. Yours is the first site I've visited this morning -
At this rate I'll be sitting here all day, getting inspiration (and a sore neck from sitting at the computer so long!).
Have a wonderful weekend. Glad your team did so well!
(I'm having trouble getting my comment to appear, can't get my password to go through - so wanted to e-mail you and let you know I've been by!)
Heidi - Heart and Home