Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miracle Pottery and Art Gallery

When you drive up Lookout Mountain towards Mentone, one is bound to notice a small little house on the right side of the road that clings to the mountain. A sign close to the road advertises that small home as  Miracle Pottery & Art Gallery. "Let's go!" shouted my girlfriends who were along for a girls weekend in Mentone. Each of which can appreciate some beautiful pottery.

Inside the showroom we found handmade pottery in brilliant colors and unique designs. All of the pottery products are food and microwave and oven safe, making them practical for everyday use. Inside you will also find oil paintings exhibited inside the small art gallery, featurin  Christian themed artwork.

Miracle Pottery & Art Gallery uses inspiration and creativity in designing, crafting, and glazing some of the most beautiful and time tested pottery and art you’ll ever own—unique enough to be heirlooms for generations. These are not molded creations; Each is vastly different from the next.

All of the talent behind these creations of pottery and artwork belongs to Valinda "Miracle".Valinda's story is a miracle,while she was recovering from a serious auto accident in which she sustained tramatic head trauma she came to realize her life and career, as she knew it was over. She turned to her creative outlets as therapy to stimulate her short term memory. And thus became the story of how Miracle Pottery began.

I am big on the belief's that #1. God has a plan, sometimes far bigger than for us to imagine or understand. and #2. There is a silver lining to every unfortunate circumstance. Every single one. We sometimes have to look within ourselves to find it, but that is part of the journey of life. I think Valinda has been successful in doing just that.  And in shopping her showroom one can see her successful work for oneself.
The gallery features over 3000 pieces of pottery, all unique in and of themselves much like people are, they each have a character to each individual piece. I kept finding myself lusting over the casserole dishes and the vegetable steamers. They had the most interesting turned handles, almost like pumpkins attached to a vine.
The egg scrambler (in blue) also had a similar twisted handle.

My friend High Mae, a admitted coffee addict, made certain to purchase one of the miracle mugs ($12). Aside from the obvious coffee, they can also be enjoyed by filling them with  hot chocolate, tomato soup or your favorite tea.

Valinda has a long line and color combination of entire sets of matching dinnerware that can be custom made to order. If interested you can call for set configuration and custom coloring.

I thought these honey pots were very sweet at $23.00. IT wold make a very nice gift. Speaking of gifts, my friend Sweetness purchased a gorgeous clay dove ornament for $25.00. An heirloom piece, certain to be cherished.

If you are in the Mentone area, or passing through the area on Interstate 59 between north Alabama and the Tennessee line, you will enjoy the side trip to Miracle Pottery and Art Gallery.

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Directions and Information:
Located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near Mentone in Valley Head, Alabama. Miracle Pottery is nestled at the base of the hills at 7871 US Hwy 117 between Gadsen, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee just off Interstate 59 (map to right). Hours are 8:00 AM until dark 7 Days a week. Please call ahead for tour groups.  
Click here to watch the feature video that ran on local Fox 6 News, "Absolutley Alabama".

Miracle Pottery & Art Gallery
7871 State Highway 117
Valley Head, Alabama 35989
(256) 635-6863
E-Mail: potterymiracle@centurytel.net


Mari said...

This pottery is beautiful! And I love the story behind it.

Treasia Stepp said...

Beautiful pottery.

Carrie said...

Oh, I love the pottery.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I enjoy looking at pottery and hearing how the potter's make a career out of it. There is a pottery community not far from here called Seagrove and it is so fun to visit all of their galleries.

Kirby3131 said...

sigh - pottery. I bet with over 3000 pieces I might have to leave a few pieces behind and not by the whole store lol