Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend. It wasn't what I bargained for, but it wasn't so bad...

Let me tell you what happened this weekend.....
Let me state that differntly.
Let me tell you what DIDN"t happen this weekend, at least for me and all my gushing.

Katherine Tucker Windham.

Want to know why? It was SOLD OUT!!!!!!
You cannot know the disappointment on this girl's face.
So I picked myself up off the ground after my crying hissy fit (southern girls have hissy fits) and proceeded into the weekend ahead with a broken heart and rain on my parade.
But the weekend wasn't all bad. Things happen for a reason, right?
And the sun does shine again.
I assisted in the city, at a local beauty pagent this weekend. The pagent was for ages 6 months and up. There were no six months babies there. I am sure there was an "up" age, but I missed it. I am NOT a pagent girl, so this was something different for me. Please no harsh words from those that do appreciate a good pagent, simply put, it just isn't my thing. I did get some good pictures of our hometown (Helena) girl, Liz Cochran, who happens to currently hold the title of Miss Alabama. She will be competing for the Miss America crown around the first of the year. Good Luck to her.  She was given the key to the city at this event, by Mayor Penhale.

I was surprised to see at the pagent, blogger Laura Beth and her daughter "Bean". Bean  competed in her age group. Congratulations to Bean who walked away with the "Queen" crown in her age group!!

I did manage to hit a church yard sale. I didn't find to much: a hermitcrab cage for my son to catch and realse hermit crabs when we are beachside. 25 cents. And I even found myself something in the "free" box. I will share that later this week.
I took in a musical preformance. My photographer friend, Jan King, her son Duncan was celebrating his birthday by hosting a concert by his band. Duncan is an amazing drummer. It was the first time I have heard him and I was most impressed by his serious skills.

From there I went home and watched the TIDE roll right over South Carolina in their homecoming game!
ROLL TIDE, #1! My son, "Bama" still hasn't gotten his voice back after cheering so loudly.
Now onto this week's game, Tenneessee.

 I got some much needed yard work taken care of. I was to ashamed to take before pictures, but if you have ever seen the movie, "The Burb's" with Tom Hanks, well, our yard looked like the "new neighbors" yard. Yes, that bad!

And finally, I photographed my friend, Diva's son, "J", before she was to have his curls cut off. We had a wonderful time together. Her son was so well behaved and did so well at the session.

Alot to ask of a baby boy. I got some good smiles and expressions the entire time.

Well almost... it was only when a train ran through town, close to where we were shooting, and scared him for only a seond. But it was a cute second. And I managed to capture that expression too.

I will be posting more pictures from our session on my photo blog later this week.
Hope you had an eventful weekend. If you caught the Kathryn Tucker Windham show, I'd love to hear what I missed. If you didn't catch the show, what did you do this weekend?
Leave me a roadmap to your place. I am traveling the blogisphere today playing catch up!
Sing, Dance & Live out loud!


Valerie said...

Hi Leigh.

Sounds like you were able to redeem your weekend, somewhat!


Not being a southern girl, I don't quite get them. Not that we don't have them...b/c we obviously do. Think, Debbye Turner, former Miss America, vet-extraordinaire, and news correspondent for one of the early morning news shows! (Did I mention, U of Missouri grad...go Tigers!) Ha ha!

Anyway, that Bean sure is a cutie. I thought her sweet dress and bobbed haircut were delightfully understated, yet charming! But, after watching Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC I refuse to enter my equally adorable 5-year old in any type of activity that involves spray tan and false teeth! LOL

Have a great week,

Pat said...

It sounds like your weekend turned out okay, in spite of how it started!:-)

J's photos are so cute!

Have a great week!

Bama Belle said...

It was great to see you however briefly on Sat! The pictures are gorgeous you are so talented! Big hugs sweet friend!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend anyway. An adorable little boy. When he hits his teen years and sees the curls, he will probably ask his Mom - what were you thinking! :)

SueMac said...

Pageants aren't my thing either. Glad your weekend turned out so well!

nancygrayce said...

Never a pagent person myself....well, I do have all boys, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done it anyhow.

Did get a little shopping in this weekend and not much else!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

My heart tugged at the one with him trying to be a big boy and not cry. Precious!

I'll be wearing my orange (and blue) next weekend, but I will be pulling for the tide.

Jane said...

After reading about your busy weekend I feel like a slug! I see where your team is ranked #1 in some of the polls now!!!
Have a great week.

Gwen said...

Leigh, That sounds like a crazy busy weekend to me! I have never been around the pageant scene, with that age group are there a lot of tears and tantrums? I don't deal well with those.....come to think of it, I don't deal well with little ones in general.

P.S. even though you made going to the reunion so much fun, we passed. Having just gotten back from our trip to find the house a shambles from a storm, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Charlene said...

That little boy J is adorable. And your photos of him are amazing. And the Tide was pretty with it this weekend. :) Glad your son enjoyed it so much. Again, thank you so much for your help with the camera selection. I think I will mention you & the site you sent me so others can use it. Had some great information on it. Have a wonderful week.

jennifer said...

Yay for Bean! I'm so happy for her!

I'm sorry your weekend wasn't what you had wanted but it sounds like it was great just the same. How about our Tide? Aren't they somethin'?

jennifer said...

I forgot - awesome pictures! You really have a gift!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I'm sorry you missed Katherine Tucker Windham. but if it makes you feel better that last photo totally made my day...and it's probably very similar to the face you made when you found out Katherine was sold out. :-)