Thursday, October 15, 2009

TT Recap + Ghost Stories by the incredible, Kathryn Tucker Windham

Thank you to those who joined me yesterday for Thrifty Thursday. I am continually amazed by what you find and what you do with what you find. Case in point....Here is a very small sampling of that:
Casa Petrie purchased this peacock stained glass for 5 dollars!

creations from my heart Had this sweet teacup with hat pins.

StarShine Chic had many great thrifty finds. This unique one was purchased by her husband. A gravy boat for $5.95.

Brooke at Southern Living with Broooke found this authentic Vera Bradley lunch bag for $3 (in gift shops-$28)!

Over at the Dolamba Days Blog, Brittany had a sweet deal in these bird cages...The larger two birdcages were yard sale finds & the smallest from Goodwill for $2 each.

Kammy cheaped things, in a thrifty and admiral sort of way. LOL. She shared her love affair with Craig you'll just have to visit her to see how she scored. Hows that for a tease?

Mary had this lantern ( a 5 dollar find)

You all know I love chalkboards. Funky Junque found this chalkboard and embellished it to make it her own. You wouldn't recognize it in the before picture, which you can see on her blog.

But it was Karla's (It's the Little Things that Make a House a Home) post was exactly what I was talking about in my Thrifty Thursday post yesterday. She went with the repurpose, reinvention and free route. She shopped her home and yard to make her bedroom this amazing sanctuary.

Her riddling (wine)rack was repurposed for candlelight in the bedroom.

This is only a very small portion of her ideas. Head to Karla's blog to see them all.
There were (at the time I type this) 40 Thrifty Thursday participants yesterday. So you can see this is just a small sampling. Be sure and be friendly, visit your friends and blogger neighbors by clicking on the Thrifty Thursday links to see what treasures folks found.

Tonight is a very very special night for me.  I am getting reacquainted with one of my "idols". I have seen and met with this dear lady many times in my life, dating back to when I was a small child of about 8. MY grandmother took me to the Jasper Library to hear her speak and I immediatley adored this women. Her words have stayed with me to this day. The way she tells a story is artistic. I am talking about phenominal author and speaker ( and many people do not know, photographer) Kathryn Tucker Windham. No one can deliver a good ghost story like Kathryn Tucker Windham. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you would know how I adore this woman.  I would follow that woman, as some would follow the grateful dead. She has a gift for story telling that anyone can appreciate. Personally I find myself hanging onto her every word. I named one of my fur babies after her  and her beloved spirit that lives in her home. LOL.
The last time I spent with Ms. Windham was in Helena several years ago (photo below). I shared that experience here. It was a magical night. I hope you will click over to read more on Ms. Windham. She is an amazing talent, writing southern lore, southern ghost stories, southern history and cookbooks. On the night in 2007 she shared her experiences growing up as a child in the south. She is such a genuine soul. And gracious. She even handwrote and sent me the nicest card after our meeting, which I thought was so thoughful. I framed the card and today it hangs in my hallway. Everytime I see it I think of her (and Jeffery her ghost, who also "signed the card". LOL) I know, now I am gushing. But I can't help my excitement!

Kathryn Tucker Windham will be appearing tonight at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for some spooky tales.  Dolores Hydock will be appearing with Ms. Windham. I hear (through my friend Brian Peters) Ms. Hydock  is a good story teller in her own right. I cannot wait for night fall! You can bet I will be filling you in on everything!

I have a busy weekend ahead, but it promises to also be a good weekend.
I hope the same for you! And remember-Pay it Forward!
Thanks for dropping by Tales from Bloggeritaville, I truly appreciate Y.O.U!
Smile. Sing. Dance. *Live* out LOUD!

Southern Ghosts and Southern Gardens

An Evening with Kathryn Tucker Windham and Dolores Hydock
Tuesday, October 20
6-8 p.m.
$15 (order tickets online at Birmingham Botanical Gardens)
Close your eyes and imagine sitting on the porch with cool shadows creeping over the garden, resting after a long, hot summer. Fireflies are long gone, signaling the end of summer — instead replaced with the smell of fallen leaves and campfire-smoke. For many in Alabama, autumn conjures up memories of ghost tales, pumpkin-carving and old-fashioned story-telling shared around a crackling fire. Join us at dusk on the front porch with storytellers Kathryn Tucker Windham and Dolores Hydock for an evening guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a chill down your spine.


Bama Belle said...

Oh she is one of my favorites as well. Enjoy tonight dear friend!

Brittany said...

thanks for the feature!!!!!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

You and your friend look so sweet together. Isn't she a lovely looking lady. Glad you got to be with her and enjoyed it so much.
LOVE, LOVE that beautiful grave boat.
Hope you have a great tomorrow.
Hugs, Pat

Mari said...

Such great finds! That gravy boat is beautiful and the wine rack turned into a candle holder is such an idea!

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Hi Leigh. What a fantastic night for you! I have been so consumed with a sick kiddo that I did not make it over here at all yesterday. I'll try to catch up,'cause it looks like there were loads of fun ideas.

Have a fun, snow free weekend.
Oh, but if you need some, you're all welcome anytime to come and visit!

P.S. LOVE that top you're wearing!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

All of the thrifty finds are fabulous. I love them all. Have fun tonight, it sounds like so much fun. Hugs, Marty

Dawn said...

There is nothing like hearing a great story teller! It really is an art.

I so overextended myself this week. I trying like the dickens to get caught up visiting!