Monday, October 5, 2009

A Southern Wedding

Whoever said that there is nothing like a June wedding, hasn't ever been to one in October, especially when it's an outdoor wedding in the south! Wherever the location, the Southern wedding reception also has a flavor all its own. Last Saturday I attended the wedding  and reception of Jean Marie, daughter of my friend "BBJ". The setting was perfect: 4PM, not a cloud in the sky and 75 degree's, under enormous oak tree's in a serene garden, three connecting gardens in fact!

The location was The Lincoln House and the Amzi Love Home, neighboring homes located in the Columbus, Mississippi historic district.

Both homes are among the oldest in Mississippi dating back to 1833, pre-civil war. The Lincoln Home is currently a bed and breakfast, with the innkeepers residing in the Ami Love Home. Both homes have been featured on Turner South's Three Day weekend. But this weekend was all about Jean and Dusti!

After an intimate outdoor ceremony, Jean Marie and her groom, Dusti greeted guest, noshed on delectable munchies and danced the night away to a wonderful band who played some of my favorite 60's and 70's genre tunes. Chef and my friend, Ann Hutchinson and her husband catered the event and served up some delicious southern fare. In the South, you can hardly have a thing without cheese straws or salted nuts. There's no self-respecting Southerner who doesn't have a cheese straw at every important moment of her life. You just have to have them. You're not married if you don't have a cheese straw. It’s almost as if the wedding isn’t consummated without a cheesestraw. There were also sandwiches of many varieties, fruit,  chex mix and Ann's infamous "BLT" ball.

My favorite though, was the non traditional Bean Soup.

It made a statement, served in handled shot glasses filled with bean soup, topped off with shredded cheese and one big cornbread crouton! Yum!
Guest followed red brick pathways that led from one garden to the next, where white paper lanterns hung from the tree's, and small fountains reflecting both the setting sun and floating candles in the water. To say the evening was beautiful would be an understatement. It was such a special night.

Jean Marie and Dusti gave their guest party favors that held a special meaning, Tyler candles and monogrammed match books with the occasion date. Tyler candles, in fact, had a hand in igniting that flame of love, both figuratively and literally. You can read the sweet love story from Jean herself, by clicking on the photo to enlarge.

Another nice touch, was a children's table, to keep smaller guest occupied. Spread about the table were stacks of coloring and puzzle books with pails of colors to entice creative minds.

It was the bride though, who stole the show, in a gorgeous wedding dress and bridal veil. Jeam Marie looked like a 40's era movie star/pin up girl and was absolutley stunning!

As the night began to wind down, and the newlyweds were talking up their Jammican honeymoon plans, the trees began to glow with twinking lights and the full moon shown through the branches from above, I couldn't help but agree with myself, there really isn't anything like an October wedding! And this one was one that I will be reliving for a long time. Magical! Best Wishes to Jean and Dusti. May you live happily ever after!

Be sure to click over to Plates and Places for a wonderful cheesestraw recipe.


Mari said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I loved the story of how they met - or were forced to meet! Mama does know best!

Kat said...

Wow, what a beautiful bride and handsome groom! I loved reading all about the wedding. The framed story of their first meeting was very sweet and special. Our daughter's wedding is next May. It will be here before we know it!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Leigh,
I so enjoyed reading about this gorgeous wedding! I have never been to a Southern Wedding so I now know I'm missing out. What a lovely setting and a beautiful bride and groom! Please share with me what a cheese straw is? This Northern girl is out of the loop. Hugs, Cindy


Oh Leigh! I loved the photos...especially the one of the herself...and the story of the candles was priceless. I actually have been to Tyler Candles at Market I could envision the whole concept. I loved it...and Dolce Vida is one of my personal favorites.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I haven't been to a wedding in such a long time so I really enjoyed seeing this! What a gorgeous bride and a beautiful setting!!

KBeau said...

As far as the weather goes, it was a good thing the wedding was last weekend and not the weekend before.

Beautiful photos.

In spite of the conflict with football, we had a wedding last weekend to attend and another one this coming weekend.

Love all the new twists on Southern comfort food.

KBeau said...

Beautiful photos. Love all the new twists on Southern comfort foods.

Glad the outdoor wedding was last weekend and not the weekend before.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Beautiful wedding and lovely bride -- looks like a wonderful celebration.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Beautiful wedding - Congratulation & best wishes to the couple. Great story how they ended up together.

Kirby3131 said...

I love outdoor weddings :) This one looked amazing and sweet and all around lovely. What a great "meet cute" as they say in the movie biz (I got that from the movie The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.)

I'll have to see how those cheese straws are made - but I'm most curious about that BLT ball!

You did a lovely job photographing the wedding :)

Kristin - The Goat

Valerie said...

What a sweet love story!!!

And of course, I'm partial to October weddings having been an October bride myself a mere 16 years ago!

Blessings from the Midwest,

Shelia said...

Hi Leigh! What a sweet wedding! The bride is absolutely gorgeous! Isn't she pretty and that dress! Love you sharing this! Oh, we must not forget the lovely food. Um mmmm!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

nancygrayce said...

I was just talking to a friend about October weddings! It's still beautiful weather, but not SO hot. That was a beautiful wedding!

Carrie said...

Love the wedding photos. The kids table was a good idea!

Blondie's Journal said...

Everything about this wedding was high style. I loved learning a bit more about Southern tradition (need a recipe for those cheese straws!!).

The bride is beautiful and the dress is very much my dream dress! Don't you wish you could have about 20 weddings, just to try different dresses!! Ha ha!!

Thanks Leigh!!

Bama Belle said...

Beautiful, I know it must have been amazing, just look at the people involved! Thanks for sharing.

Jenny G said...

I almost feel like I was there through your awesome story telling and beautiful pictures!!!

Miss Kitty said...

Gosh, that is such a beautiful post you did. I am reading this alost a year later due to your linky tool "you might also like"...I love my linky lets my old post live on. My favorite quote from the post is about cheese straws consumating the marriage in the South. I got married in the 1970's and wedding receptions were much simpler back then (or me and my friends were poor....cake, punch, nuts, cheese straws were about all most people had). I live in Montgomery and one of the first bloggers I "met" was Beth of "Unskinny Boppy". I am going to mention your linky party in a post I am doing today.