Friday, September 18, 2009

Show me the Booty! Look at the Looty!

Wow! Y'all never cease to amaze me! What fabulous finds you shared for #34 of Thrifty Thursday! Take a look at this loot  that you shared in Thrifty Thursday this week....
Take a look at this quaint vingette of antique finds that can be found this week at The Potting Shed
I am in love with the postcards and roseries! Just look at that turquoise one! She can certainly come up with the most amazing finds each week, as well as wonderful photography to accompany it, making -no-insisting that you must have what she does. And your in luck.....its for sale! Let me know if you purchase something so I can envy you. Amazing goods here!

Is this bird bowl not absolutley precious? It belongs  to Cottage State of Mind, I only wish it were mine! Charming and sweet. Oatmeal is so much better now, I am sure!

Deb at Ribbonwood Cottage made this sweet candle tray using a metal muffin pan (sidenote to my mom- she loves this look!) Doesnt this just say fall, warm and coziness?

You needen't spend big bucks for a big impact. Take for example this veggie and dip tray that Creations from my Heart handmade...actually created from her heart. Precious, no? Absolutley! Using just yard sale and flea market finds, someone else's junk, truly IS a heirloom treasure.

Once again that dear Jane, over at Mamie Jane's has me enamored by her craftiness. Check out these silver creamers, and sugar jars.....made into pin cushions. I don't even sew, but I soooo  "sew" want one! I have my eye on the mossy green one, so back off ladies! I just want to stare at it with infatuation and adoration! Oh, btw-These beauties are for sale!

And these are just a very few of the amazing thrifty finds out there. And many of those featured, for sale. Don't forget that as "the season" approaches!  If you didn't get a chance to visit these and the other amazing Thrifty Thursday blogs, I hope you will. The links are up on yesterday's post...just a click away.
Thank you all for your participation in Thrifty Thursday's! It is YOU who makes things fun and interesting!

Today is Foodie Friday, which brings me to a story I have to share about my most amazing aunts.

As a child, I always enjoyed visiting with my Grandfather's sisters, Lillian and Preston. Lillian and Preston lived together in the most quaint of cottage homes I had ever seen. They also had much of a green thumb, their tiny home was amass with blooming flowers and birds visiting heavy feeders. For me, never knowing my grandfather, they were my only link to his past and his family. Even as a very young girl, I would beg them, literally, to tell me stories about their lives. They had a way of telling, the gift really, much like my idol Ms. Katheryn Tucker Windham, with that drawl of a true southern belle, reeling you in. Their story telling was an artform. I would hang on their every word, as I gobbled up some delicious dessert that they fed me while they spoke. When they passed, I was left with many wonderful memories they had passed to me, that and recipes of delicious desserts, like Aunt Lillian's Carrot Cake.

For my Foodie Friday post, at Places and Places, I am sharing my Aunt Lillian's prized Carrot Cake. It's a secret recipe that I am sharing with you! All you have to do is click here to take you to Plates and Places.

If you live local, dont forget about some exciting things taking place this weekend...

Morgan Creek Farms is having their Grape Stomp on Saturday.September 19th: Grape Stomp
10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.Music by Bonus Round Jump in barefoot and crush grapes while enjoying the outdoors and live music. Wine tastings and winery tours will run throughout the day and evening. There will also be a “Lucy Look-A-Like” contest honoring the best Lucille Ball costumes with cash prizes. Bonus Rounds features members on vocals, guitar, trombone, trumpet, keyboards, acoustic bass and drums bringing their audience any song you can dance to.

At Petals from the Past, Sunday, September 20, 2:00pm Chef Chris Hastings Cooking Demo and Book Signing 3:00-5:00pm Chef and owner of the Hot and Hot Fish Club will be conducting the third of 4 cooking demonstrations for us this year. He will be using recipes from his new cookbook. He will make apple, almond, and endive salad with creamy herb dressing, oven-roasted chicken breasts on Anson Mills Grits with local scuppernongs, muscadines, and verjuse.

And NEXT WEEKEND is the Jammin at the Junction Larry Childers benefit Concert, motorcycle poker run and classic car show. I have chatted this one up, because it is especially close to my heart. Plan on coming out to see special guest, rocker Bo Bice preform. I hope to see you there! All proceeds benefit charity. Purchase tickets and or volunteer by going online to Jammin at the Junction.
Have a wonderful weekend and ROLL TIDE ROLL!


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I'm so glad you posted a photo round-up! I'm practically walking in my sleep these days trying to catch up with I need all the help I can get! :-) I love the pin cushions, and can't wait to dig my mom's silver sugar bowl and creamer out of my closet now!

Hope you are well...I'm hoping to get back to my regular blog visits!! xo, Laura

Jane said...

Leigh...thanks once again for mentioning me in your post!! You flatter me way too much...I was reading what you wrote to my husband over our morning coffee...he just rolled his eyes and said I was going to be impossible to live with (I thought I already was!) Now I'm off to go sit at our neighborhood garage sale...might be time to find some more thrifty finds! Have a great weekend.

Debbie @ said...

HI Leigh! Good morning~ Thanks for featuring fun. Who would have thought a muffin tin could spread so much joy. Hahaha
Hope you are having a blessed and fun day!

Anita said...

The 'recpa' is great...I am finding it impossible to keep up with all the great posts and I just know I'm missing some great things. These ideas are creative and spectacular!

Gwen said...

You highlighted some of the very same things that really caught my eye of all of the posts.

I am off to read your reunion posts...and Plates & Places....

Kirby3131 said...

I've only gotten to one or two of the TT folks. It looks like I've got quite a treat when I do finally arrive :) I would have never ever thought of the pin cushion idea. Clever ladies out there!

I had to stop reading when I read the words carrot cake. My stomach immediately started growling. That has to be one of my favorite things ever. Yum :)

Kristin - The Goat

Carrie said...

Love your post...

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Thank you for showing my vignette. I love to shop for my antiques business and it is nice to be featured for what I love to do anyway. You are a sweetie to do this. I like the recap idea!

{ L } said...

That veggie and dip tray is unique! I like your title and header photo on your blog. :)

Tootsie said...

I love those pincushions!!! I love thrifty thursday too..can't wait till I have something to share...well I already do...but I need time to share it!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Be sure to come by tonight around 9pm (Eastern time) for the announcement so you don't miss out. I promise-it good-really really good.
Its So Very Cheri

Denise @ A Room With A View said...

Lot's of good stuff, leigh... love the tiered combo of plates, glasses, and teacups; how creative! (I'm gonna try that!!) And, BTW, I'm not a cooker, but definitely a baker, and I loooooooove carrot cake. I am all over that recipe! Thanks for sharing! And, thank you kindly for the "follow," esp. since I have very few still at this point!! You're the best.