Monday, September 21, 2009

Love "Letters" from the Past

What is that song, "Rainy Days and Monday's always get me down?"
Well Monday was a washout, with flood warnings covering the state, but how could I be down?
As the rain fell to the earth and danced in puddles out in the street and thunder rumbled softly in the distance
I was snug and warm inside in one of these...

They are all quilts that belonged to my mother's side of the family. I recall them being piled high in the living room on the sofa of my grandma's house. My uncle was a night owl. He would stay up late into the night watching old movies and would often fall asleep on the sofa, wrapping himself in these. While, he has passed on, I look at these and can't help but think of late night western movies.
I just adore these quilts, and I really shouldn't even be keeping cozy in these, but these are not in great condition, they are well worn and loved.This one is my favorite. It is a signature quilt, signed by many of the townspeople of Collinsville, Alabama, some of which were family members.

Including my Great Aunt Lillian (my grandfather's sister)

And my Great Aunt Ruth (my grandmother's sister).

And look! I told you that the Univeristy of Alabama ran deep in the family....

The quilt is stitched with the year: 1926

Though, I love them all, It's my most cherished quilt.
Not only are they soft and warm, they feel like a hug from ancestors of long ago.
I love rainy days.

Need something else to warm you while you cozy under quilts? Check out my Momma's Caramel Topped Oatmeal Cake, that's some good fall food.


Dawn said...

Wow what special heirloom to have. I'm torn about using my old quilt made of great grandmothers dresses, it's starting to come apart so I won't be able to wash it if it needs it. I should probably take it to a specialist and get it fixed. Ha, that won't be thirfty will it? But those connections to the past are priceless, eh?

Rita @ Goodwill Haunting said...

Oh, what wonderful treasures and memories! You are so blessed to still have these quilts. I don't have any such family treasures so I learned to make my own quilts. I hope my children and grandchildren treasure my quilts after I've passed on as much as you do yours.

jojo said...

I just love old quilts and you have quite a treasure there, full of sweet memories and hugs from the past...*sigh*

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

I believe the fall season brings us closer to our heritage in many ways including our traditions involving the holidays. That is so wonderful you have those quilts and are not afraid to wrap yourself in the love and closeness they provide.
Living it up at Lakewood,


I love quilts. I helped put one together for my mom once...a community friendship quilt. It was such fun seeing what each lady had to offer. Funny MIL used to quilt and when I was pregnant with Kat....she and her quilting ladies were making a quilt for me...they wanted me to help. I was a SAHM at the time so I was delighted. I quilted with them for about 45 minutes and then they asked me to fix some refreshments...when I was coming back into the quilting room...I saw one of the ladies pulling out my stitches and they were fussing about how uneven my stitches were....and could my MIL find something else for me to do so I would not mess up the quilt. I had to laugh out loud...because I was miserable quilting with them! LOL

Jane said... wonderful to have all those quilts with all the family memories. That signed quilt is prieless! I am very interested in genealogy and documenting family stories so this post really warms my heart!! Thanks for sharing!

Anita said...

Put away the blanket..I'm a quilt lover all the way. These are great and are all the more precious because they are part of your heritage.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

I love some good quilt weather! All of this rain is insane and as much as I love rain, I guess I shouldn't ask for anymore. Too many horrible things happening here. Schools are flooded,'s just awful. So for now, we will stay in and soak up this week with the boys out of school.

Have a good week,

Mari said...

Those quilts are all great but that signature quilt is awesome!

Kirby3131 said...

I never thought of those old quilts as love letters, but that's exactly what they are. What a great thought!!

Thanks for the new way to look at old quilts. :)


TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Good morning, Leigh.

What a beautiful quilt(s). My grandparents were ministers and one of the congregations that they had been in for many, many years gave them a quilt very similar to this one when they left. I haven't thought about that quilt in years, but now I am longing to find out which family member has it!
What a blessing to have this beautiful reminder of the past in your family.
Thank you for sharing that with us.

Have a wonderful week, Leigh.


Anonymous said...

I think this is my first time ever seeing a signature quilt...that is SO neat!!! So they all stitched their names into the quilt? How unique!

Perfect for this fall weather!

Heidi said...

Hi Leigh,
Your quilt collection is wonderful, the signature quilt is a real treasure! I always wanted to have a family quilt, my mom and dad didn't have a lot of family, and no family treasures to pass on quilts for me! I've tried to make my own, they are small, but I'm proud of them!
Come by for a visit some time, take a peek at life on the pacific coast!
Hope you have a great day!
Heidi - Heart and Home

Gwen said...

I have a few family quilts, but nothing as grand as your signed one.

There is nothing so comforting when I am am sick as cuddling up in one of the quilts that my great grandmother made. It is like getting a hug from the ages!

Shelia said...

Hi Leigh! Oh you have some gorgeous treasures! I have quilts too from my mother. The one with all the sigs is just wonderful.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

nancygrayce said...

Now those are TREASURES! I have one of my grandmother's quilts and I just think of her everytime I see it!

Joyce said...

Love quilts and your quilts are so special. Sue and I went to the quilt show last week and I am posting photos this week. I do not sew but it was such a fun experience to see so many quilts in one place.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Love those quilts and the history behind it~ Beautiful!

Fifi Flowers said...

What a LOVELY treasure!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

LOVE all those names on those quilts!!!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a priceless treasure this is! Homemade quilts are a big cloth hug ... don't you think?

Terri said...

I have a quilt from my great, great aunt. She made it while the men were at war. It's dated 1863 with her name. It's at mom's cuz..well, I'm messy and have 2 dogs and a cat.

Kate Bagley said...

Beautiful quilts! They keep you and your memories warm all at the same time! Thanks for your comments! I am hoping to come to Jammin at the Junction! I want to see Bo! Hope to see you there!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh what a treasure you have in your old quilts ! Love them.