Monday, July 6, 2009

The Monkey Basket

The sweet scent of Tyler candles alone might lure you into The Monkey Basket, but don't think that is all you will find in the tiny historic building that is big on charm.

In fact you will find a plethora of different items in the store. Always in stock, aside from the wonderful smelling Tyler candles, is something else equally wonderful... an assortment of packaged food mixes that includes,Wind and Willow variety cheeseballs, shrimp and grits (which my girlfriends and I oohed and ahhed over on our recent girls beach trip), savory breads, and soups. And that's just the beginning of gift items found at The Monkey Basket.

Judy Ellington is the owner of The Monkey Basket, which is a sister company of Sisters Two, which most was recently located in Bluff Park. Judy closed Sisters Two several months ago and challenged herself to an early retirement. However, she soon found that was not for her. She missed being in the business. She decided to open a new store, The Monkey Basket, which is a smaller version of Sisters Two. Judy also knew she wanted to be back in Helena, her hometown. She found just the place in Old Town Helena, on the main drag of town, "right in the middle of it all", says Judy.

That it is, as we discovered as we attended a July 4th celebration at Judy's store, the Monkey Basket. Judy had a band, The Overalls, that played until 9 PM and was followed almost immediately by the city fireworks display.

The Monkey Basket is ready for all your outdoor grilling preparations. Please stop by and check out all the good foods to make any party a success. Judy just returned from Market in Jackson, Mississippi with new BBQ sauces and rubs just for the guys. It is very good and she even has some tips to cook your own.
The Monkey Basket-Gift baskets, gourmet foods and good times in Old Town Helena.

Brought to you by Sisters Two.
So check out the Monkey Basket in Old Town Helena for all your party needs. Tell you heard about it at Bloggeritaville!

You can shop The Monkey Basket two ways...
At the Shop:
4075 Helena Rd
Helena, Al 35080
(205) 664-2542


Mari said...

Looks like a great place - I'm checking out the website!

Chandy said...

Wow, Leigh that is one amazing store! I'll have to check it out online and see what I can drool over on! LOL

Hope you're having a great week my friend. I am, hubs is home and everyone's doing great!

Keetha Broyles said...

Hi friend!!!

I feel like I've been rather isolated from you lately - - - no one's fault, just life.

I miss you!

BTW - - - we'll be heading to Wi for our northwoods vacation toward the end of the week and we'll be up there for 2 weeks. I WILL blog from there, but not sure if I'll make the Thrifty Thursday posts or not - - - if not, I'll be BACK when we get home.

Don't forget about me. :-(

Hello to little Sista Sledge

Shelia said...

Hi Leigh! Oh, I'm going in ~ I love Tyler candles! There's a place here where I buy them. The scent is wonderful and smells up the whole house! What a cute little shop!
Thanks for sharing!
Be a sweetie,
shelia :)

Sandra said...

It looks like a neat store. But, Father's Day was back in June...

Kirby3131 said...

Such a lovely looking store :) I hope she does well in her new place!

xinex said...

Hi Leigh! I can imagine the smell as you walk in that candle store. You can find the flickering candles at Walmart, at least they are a lot cheaper there than other stores but still quite pricey, a little over $3 each but I think they are worth it. Sorry for the late response, we just got back last night from Destin....Christine

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Looks like a neat store, Leigh!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I have been by twice and both times she was 'out'. I need to give it another try.
It sounds like she needs some Whistlestop products!! Hook her up!

The Boss said...

Hey my wonderful friend! I am going to agree with you on the shrimp and grits! Yum! Also, the chili pepper cheeseball is the bomb!!! Loved it on the 4th! Will definitely be buying it for a get together with my Clematis club gals soon! Love to you!

Jenny G said...

I love the Monkey Basket! Judy has already bailed me out on last minute gifts for teachers, a friend having surgery, and most recently a wedding!!!! That little store is packed full of just what I've needed each and every time!!!!

Tammy said...

What a fabulous little place. I'm gonna have to hop in the ol' car one day and head to Helena!